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The Oracle of Aramanda

"You wish to see the future? You wish to know your enemy's mind?
Gaze into the Eye of the Oracle ".
Shargorath, Padashani Archmage and Architect of the Oracle

Other Names The Oracle
The Oracle of Eternity
Category Artifact
Magical Strength Artifact

Physical Description

Near the center of the city of Aramanda, connected to the imperial palace grounds, is a building known as the Dome of Eternity. As its name suggests, this building is crowned by a huge dome. Within this beautiful, ornate building is the Oracle. The Oracle is an artifact of the nation - a massive device that takes up a large portion of the building known. The machine is a complicated array of pipes, gears, pistons, giant lenses and crystal rods. It is more than 30 meters across, 20 meters deep and more than 50 meters from bottom to top. It weighs more than fifty tons. It was built more than 2000 years ago and has been in continuous operation for that time.

At the heart of the machine is a series of lenses, which are positioned by means of the gears and pistons. When operated, the machine roars to life. Whole sections of the machine rotate and fold as various lenses and filters are swung into position and precisely aligned. This array of lenses collectively form what is known as the "Eye of the Oracle".


The Oracle was created in the third century by Shargorath during the turbulent years following the Sundering and the World Storm. While the Great War raged across the continent of Ithria, the many tribes and small kingdoms of Qeshir fought their petty wars amid the ruined world. Shargorath was the greatest Padashani wizard of all time and had spent a long career studying the magic and texts of the Alliance Mage Lords. He was responsible for the creation of many great magical items in Qeshir and had served many nobles and kings. However, his greatest work lay ahead of him.

In 285 CY, Shargorath, now an old man, allied himself with Prince Pelladar of the Kingdom of Samakith, a small but prosperous kingdom in north central Qeshir. Prince Pelladar and Shargorath found that they were in agreement on many political and philosophical ideas. They both agreed that the best way to end the many small wars of the lands was to unite the kingdoms under a strong central ruler, while allowing the various kingdoms to maintain their unique cultural identity as allied provinces. Shargorath had, for years, considered a magical machine that could bring about such change. However, the means to finance such research and construction were staggering. Prince Pelladar agreed to fund the project if it could be used to bring about their vision of the future and so it was agreed.

With funding from the prince, Shargorath began work on his greatest work... the crowning achievement of a long and illustrious career. It took him another 22 years and several trips to Ithria to further his knowledge of Alliance magic. In the year 307 CY, he completed his work and the great Oracle was turned on for the first time.

Prince Pelladar, now King Pelladar, promoted Shargorath to the position of grand vizier and personal advisor. Shargorath was the only person able to understand the complex workings of the great machine. The great Oracle allowed the Kingdom of Samakith to win critical battles and defeat kingdoms many times larger. In 312 CY, King Pelladar appointed himself Emperor Pelladar and the Samakith dynasty and the Great Padashan Empire were born.

The emperors of Padashan have used the powers of the Oracle for centuries now and helped shape the Empire with it. It is because of the Oracle that Padashan has become so powerful.

Shargorath died in 344 CY. Before he died, he trained several apprentices in the use and functioning of the great Oracle. However, it did not pass on the knowledge of Huridian nor the secrets of Alliance magic. It is widely believed that Shargorath was the last wizard in the Padashan Empire who possess the awesome power of Alliance magic.

When Emperor Parsang built the great capital city of Aramanda in 694 CY, he also ordered the construction of the Dome of Eternity and ordered that the great Oracle be moved to the Dome. It took almost a full year and the cooperative work of 20 wizards to disassemble, transport and reassemble the Oracle. All of this was conducted under the supervision of the greatest wizard of Parsang's court, a sorcerer named Imanubral.

In hindsight, it has become apparent that the Oracle never functioned quite as well after its relocation to the Dome of Eternity. It is possible that something was assembled incorrectly or that some lenses are out of alignment. It could also be that something has been lost in the translation of Shargorath's knowledge as it has been passed down from generation to generation. Perhaps current wizards simply lack the power to use it correctly. In any case, the machine has never functioned since the move as well as it did when it was first constructed and operated by Shargorath. The Oracle is still very useful to the empire, but it's influence is less in modern times than it was when Shargorath operated it.

The Oracle still functions to this day. It is consulted at least once each Drellis cycle and more often in recent years. The emperors of the Padashan Empire use the Oracle to keep an eye on King Dalmoran since he usurped the throne two centuries ago. They believe that Anquar will one day send vast armies against the Padashan Empire and they trust that the Oracle will grant them far warnings.


The great Oracle has many functions. When the lenses align and the Eye of the Oracle forms, a wide variety of things can be seen. The leaders of Padashan consult the Eye of the Oracle to see the future, witness the past, spy on enemies and find the answers to their questions. The selection of lenses and filters determines what is seen in the Eye.

When activated, the gears align the lenses and the great dome overhead opens like a flower allowing the sunlight to flood the chamber. The light of Drellis is required to power this machine and it will only function during a Drellis dominant phase. In a thundering mechanical voice, the Oracle will ask "What counsel is sought?". The Oracle can then be questioned and visions will be shown in the great Eye.

The Dome of Eternity and the Oracle are both kept under very heavy guard. This great device is the pride of the Padashan Empire and the rulers of Padashan will do anything to protect it.

Drellis Effect Response

The great Oracle functions only during a Drellis dominant phase.


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