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Nerrak's Spear of Deathly Command

Other Names The Life Reaper
The Spear of Nerrak
Category Weapon
Magical Strength Artifact

Physical Description

This gruesome weapon is a huge spear fashioned from a single piece of bone (the thigh bone of a giant, it is said). The spear is 2.5 meters long. The head is broad and razor sharp. Inscribed along the shaft are runes filled with some dark grey metal. The letters are Thullic and read “Through Death, I Command Thee”. A faint and eerie greenish mist continually emanates from the bladed head of the spear.

A faint wailing and moaning, as of souls in agony, emanate from the weapon especially when it is swung through the air or thrust into a victim.


Historians and scholars disagree over the specific origins of the weapon. Some believe that this ancient spear predates the Great War. Others are sure that "Nerrak" was an alternate name used by one of the Alliance mage lords to conceal his identity. The spear is enchanted with Alliance magic, which would seem to corrobate the latter theory. The most colorful story claims that this foul weapon was carved from the thigh bone of the cursed giant, Agathorin, after he fell in battle to the demon lord Thraxxus who later took it back to Hell to enchant it. The truth is probably some combination of these events.

The spear was first mentioned in the Daemonika Arcanus, a legendary book on summoning and controlling demons by the archmage Vorkulas in 912 CY. There have been reports of the spear in many different kingdoms over the centuries. It was held by the orcish chieftain Bargu in the 17th century. For several centuries, it was held by various high ranking officers in Duthelm until it was lost in a battle in 2320 CY. It was reported to be in the possession of a noble lord in Anquar in the early 25th century. However, when the War of the Gods erupted in Anquar 200 years ago, the spear was lost. It's current whereabouts are unknown.


Nerrak's spear radiates pure evil. It courses with dark energy which can be felt by those sensitive to magic.

The bladed headinflicts a horrible wasting disease with the slightest cut. Wounds caused by this weapon will not heal, but will fester as the disease spreads throughout the body. Only the most powerful curative spells will have any hope of stopping the effect. This disease will kill all but the strongest individual in a matter of hours.

Any living creature killed by this weapon (or by the disease it inflicts) will arise moments after death as an undead abomination... a foul thing of rotted flesh, breathing greenish vapors and with blazing green eye sockets. The undead creature will seek out and obey the wielder of this weapon without question. They are mindless things, zombies enslaved to the spear. They will serve the wielder of the spear for seven days at which point they erupt in a hellish green flame and crumble to ash.

The wielder of this weapon will also be affected by this weapon. Prolonged contact with Nerrak's spear will cause the wielder to become gaunt and pale. The cheeks will sink in as will the eyes. The hair will fall out and the user will became emaciated. A side effect of this transformation is that the user will become completely immuned to poison and disease as long as he or she is under the influence of Nerrak's spear. Only by abandoning the weapon will the user slowly return to normal health and vigor. Only a very strong individual can resist this effect.

The spear is incredibly strong and has survived for centuries unbroken. It is not known what terrible force would be required to destroy it. According to the myths surrounding it, if this spear is ever broken, any undead currently in service to the spear will immediately turn to ash.

Drellis Effect Response

This weapon functions normally throughout all stellar phases.


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