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Jhelquinn Arrow

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Category Weapon
Magical Strength Artifact

Physical Description

A Jhelquinn Arrow appears as a beautifully wrought black arrow with a hunting tip (forged of shadow steel) and black fletching. The shaft is iron wood scorched black. The fletching is fashioned for the dorsal fin of some unknown reptile and dyed black. It is finely crafted and well balanced, but bears no other decoration or markings.


According to legend, fifty of these arrows were fashioned. All are identical. They were created by Antonikon the Clever, a mage and master of the bow. He lived in the northeast Irenni league in what is now Vorrik. His tower overlooked the town of Bafomar which lay in the foothills of the Northern Tusks. There he lived and worked with his wife and three apprentices. It is said that he had fashioned many great bows and arrows for officers of the Irenni league. The most prized of his creations were the many enchanted arrows that he created and many of these were used during the Great War.

Shortly after his wife died, Antonikon created these black arrows... the greatest of his creations, the culmination of a lifetime's work. These fifty black arrows came to be called simply Jhelquinn Arrows. According to historians, Antonikon gave ten arrows to each of his apprentices and kept the remaining twenty for himself. What magic he used in their creation is unknown, but it is known to rival the spells of the Alliance mage lords themselves.

Curiously, Antonikon himself disappeared not longer after and these were his last creation. No one knows how many of these arrows are left in existance or where they might be. Ever now and then, one of these great arrows will be found in a vault or a treasury or some long forgotten dungeon.


A Jhelquinn arrow is a potent weapon indeed and its intense aura of magic is readily detectable if a mage looks for such.

If drawn in a bow, a shimmer of light will run down the length of the arrow and the command word "Jhelquinn" will appear written along the shaft. (It should be noted that this is word is Irenni and only a speaker of that language will be familiar with those letters and be able to pronouce the word correctly). If the word is spoken aloud by the archer, the arrow will begin to glow brightly. When the activated arrow is fired, it will streak toward the target leaving a trail of lightning behind it. Half way to the target, there will be a flash of light and the arrow will magically replicate itself. Ten identical black arrows will appear in the air in place of the original. All will continue their flight toward the target. Each arrow leaves a trail of lightning behind it.

These ten replicated arrows seem to sense their surroundings and will alter their behavoir and flight accordingly. If fired at a crowd, the arrows will spread out to inflict maximum damage on as many targets as possible. If fired at a single target, all arrows will converge on that target. In all cases, the arrows seem to have the ability to alter their flight and trajectory in order to navigate obstacles and inflict maximize damage upon whatever the archer chooses. Upon impact, each of the ten arrows will detonate into a tremendous ball of fire.

It should be noted that this arrow can be used over and over again WITHOUT speaking its command word. It can be retrieved and fired again, as a normal arrow, as many times as desired. A Jhelquinn arrow appears to be virtually indestructible. However, the command word can only be spoken once. Once the magic is activated by the command word and fired, the arrow is destroyed forever.

Drellis Effect Response

This item functions normally through all stellar phases.


In Irenni, "jhelquinn" means "revenge".


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