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Blood Drinker

"The surest way to defeat an enemy is to use his strength against him".
Ashgrimorgur, Mage Lord of the Alliance

Other Names Kirian's Bane
Category Weapon
Magical Strength Artifact

Physical Description

This magnificent blade is a finely crafted broadsword with a golden dragon head pommel and ruby eyes. The 1.5 meter blade is double edged and straight. It is fashioned from a gold alloy and the entire blade is golden in color. The handle is wrapped in leather from some reptilian beast.


Blood Drinker was crafted and enchanted, on commission, for a Thullian nobleman named Kirian who fought during the Great War. He fought with the Alliance and this weapon is believed to have been forged by Ashgrimorgur, one of the mage lords of the Alliance. With this enchanted weapon, Kirian won many battles. Many tales were told of his battle prowess. But, of course, it was the blade, rather than his swordmanship, which bested so many opponents upon the battle field. Time and time again, Kirian was able to steal his opponent’s strength and use it against them. However, Lord Kirian fell at the Battle of Bone Hill in 74 CY. During that legendary battle, he lost his blade and it was used against him.


This blade is enchanted to absorb the strength and vitality from the body of any living creature it strikes. This vitality is then used to heal the wielder. With every successful wound inflicted Blood Drinker draws forth life from the victim and bestows that strength upon its wielder. The blade must actually penetrate flesh in order for the magic to work. This magic is strongest when the wielder and the victim are similar -a human wielding it against another human, for example. A large difference in race yields very different results. A human stabbing Blood Drinker into a pig, for instance, would be far less effective. Coincidentally, the magic works only with blood. The blade has no effect on undead, golems, automatons and creatures that have no blood. It is believed that Ashgrimorgur intentionally fashioned the enchantment this way, although his reasons for doing so can only be guessed at.

Whenever this blade is used to actually kill an opponent, the wielder will temporarily gain the knowledge, skills and memories of the deceased. Quite often, a few other characteristics will also be absorbed such as phobias, nervous habits and so on. Even magical knowledge and spell ability are absorbed! However, this effect is short lived and will last only until the wielder falls asleep. With sleep come dreams of the lives of any victims that the wielder claimed that day. These dreams are often twisted about and can be quite unsettling. Upon waking the next morning, any memories and knowledge gained from victims will have faded. Only vague fragments of the dreams will remain.

Drellis Effect Response

This blade functions normally throughout all stellar phases.


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