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Flaming Ring of Ashod

Other Names Ashod's Fire Ring, the Ring of Fire
Category Artifact
Magical Strength Artifact

Physical Description

This ancient item has two appearances depending on whether it is dormant or active (see below). When dormant, the ring is a plain, unadorned band of dark grey metal. When active, the ring reveals itself to be a band of gold with a brightly glowing red ruby. The ring itself burns continually as if on fire. Also, the golden ring is inscribed with black spidery runes around it's outer side that continually churn and writhe.


Ashod is a mythical wizard who supposedly lived during the Age of Dawning. There are many legends about the man and some of these conflict. Most of the legends portray a powerful wizard whose fortress lay far to the north and the sea cliffs beneath his stronghold continually burned. He supposedly had within the cliff a vast labyrinth at the heart of which was a rift gate that he used to travel to other worlds and dimensions. He traveled across the levels of Hell and battled elder demons there. Many of the stories portray him as a "fire wizard" who had attained total mastery over the four elements - fire, earth, wind and water.

One of his most famous creations was the Flaming Ring. Crafted of some unknown metal in the deepest fiery pits of the Abyss, this Ring was infused with "fire magic". It supposedly gave the wearer totally immunity to, and total control of, all fire and fire based magic.

There is a persistent legend that he actually created a complete set of these rings... one for each of the four elements (fire, earth, air and water). If this is true, then virtually nothing is known of the other sibling rings and their powers can only be guessed at.

There is also a legend that a fifth ring was created after the first four... a ring which included all the power of its predecessors and was able to control all four elements. According to some stories, this fifth ring, the "Ring of the Elements" is possessed by Morlokk, the Desert Mage.

One bit of cryptic prophecy that has been passed down through the ages is believed to be related to this magic item and has also been recited by spirits when questioned about this ring...

Long ago in ancient lands
This Ring was wrought by wizards' hand
With gold alone and precious stone
The flames bore this enchanted band

Far to the north in coastal wastes
A war of fire brought doom with haste
The Burning Cliffs conceal the rifts
The City Of Brass, the Ring's birthplace

The war dragged on the mortals lost
The Ring was forged but at what cost
Brave hearts did tire souls lost to fire
And so by fate was forged the cause.

The Ring passed on from man to son
As master there can be only one
A test was named the Ring was tamed
And waits for the deed to be done

The Ringless master must seal his fate
By slaying the fire before it's too late
To heal the Ring and magic bring
A battle with flame you must take



When first discovered, the Flaming Ring of Ashod will be dormant. It will appear as a simple ring forged of some dark grey metal. If tested for magic, the ring will radiate an intense magical aura. If placed on a finger, it will become warm to the touch and cannot be taken off. At the same time, the ring will summon the "flame ring guardian".

The flame ring guardian is a terrible nightmarish creature created from the magic of the ring. This thing is a towering humanoid beast whose blackened hide burns continuously. Acrid smoke and flames sizzle from cracks in its armored rock-like hide. Its clawed feet leave burning footprints behind it. Its eyes glow a hellish red and its body emanates waves of intense heat.

This creature will appear within several miles and will begin stalking the ring bearer. It must enter this world through the nearest source of great heat. Typically this will be a large forge, a town fire or even a volcano. It will then unerringly seek out the ringer bearer. It typically takes less than a day for the creature to close the distance and locate the ringer bearer, at which point it will attack. None of the ring's abilities will function at this time. The wearer must defeat the flame ring guardian without the aid of the ring. This is so that the possessor of the ring can prove him or herself worthy to bear its power.

If the wearer is killed, both the guardian and the ring wearer's body will be vaporized in a flash of fire leaving the ring unscathed amidst a pile of ash. If the wearer successfully defeats the flame ring guardian, then the ring becomes fully active and all functions are available (and immediately known to) the wearer.

When active, the Flaming Ring has the following functions and abilities:

The wearer is completely immune to all fire - magical and otherwise, even dragon's breath.

The wearer can wrap him or herself in a dancing cloak of fire which shields him from all cold based attacks.

The wearer of this ring is able to control normal fires - he or she can cause non magical flammable materials to combust with a touch, control the fire and can extinguish fires simply by willing it.

The ring allows the wearer to cast a wide spectrum of fire based spells.

The ring can summon the "flame ring guardian" once per month who will server the wearer for up to one full day at which point the guardian collapses into a pile of ash.

Once activated, the ring changes from a dull grey metal band to one that is red hot and continuously burns. At this point the ring can be removed. Even when off of its master's finger, the ring will continue to burn and can ignite nearby combustibles.

The Fate of the Ring Wearer

The ring will have a slow, but pronounced, effect on the wearer and with the passage of time, will physically transform the wearer.

At first, the wearer's skin will appear red and very warm to the touch. After a few days or weeks, the skin will begin to darken and crack. The eyes will begin to glow. The wearer will become taller and all hair will wither and die. The skin will become blackened and scorched and thick. An acrid smell will develop. Eventually, day by day, the wearer will transform into a "flame ring guardian".

At the same time, mental changes will occur. The wearer will become increasingly paranoid and hostile. Eventually, he will leave civilization and strike out on his own to find solitude in the wilds.

Once the transformation is complete, the wearer will combust and be totally consumed by flame. All clothing, armor and other items will be consumed by this fire. Nothing will remain but ash and the Flaming Ring, which will again become dormant until the next person finds it.

The rate at which this transformation occurs will depend on the strength and willpower of the wearer. The transformation can take anywhere from a few weeks to a year or more. A person of very strong character and willpower might be able to resist this transformation indefinitely. There is actually very little known about this part of the ring's magic other than scattered stories about those weak-willed fools who found the ring and eventually succumbed to this fate.

Drellis Effect Response

This item functions normally during all stellar phases.


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