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Spell Eater

Other Names Odo's Shield of Spell Breaking
Category Armor
Magical Strength Major

Physical Description

This large round shield is fashioned from steel and has broad leather straps on the inner face. Other than an iron rim, the outer face is a completely black and featureless surface that is as cold and hard and smooth as ice.


This shield was crafted by a Drakkellian magic named Odo in 1985 CY. It was created, on commission, for a warrior named Ivak the Giant who was beginning a quest to kill a wizard in a far away land. Ivak left with the shield and was never seen again. In 2027 CY, there were reports that an orcish chieftain named Umgrosh who commanded a vast orc clan in the northern mountains who wielded a black shield said to eat spells. The shield was reported in many areas in the north, seemingly moving from one orc clan to another. It vanished for three centuries before it reappeared in the lair of a firedrake. When that firedrake was killed in 2348 CY by a ranger named Gallor, he carried it for many years. He later joined a mercenary company venturing into the Mist Forest. It is believe that the group was wiped out by the dragon known as Syrce the Lurker. The shield has not been seen since and many believe that it is still in the Mist Forest... possibly even in the hoard of Syrce.


This shield has only one magical attribute. The black surface absorbs all energy. All light that falls upon the surface is absorbed, making it appear completely utterly black. It absorbs heat making it feel cold. And most importantly, it devours all magic. Spells fired at the bearer will be sucked into the front face of the shield as if it were being pulled into a hole. This is particularly effective against directional spells aimed in the direction of the shield bearer. Rays, beams, bolts, cones and so forth will all be sucked into the shield face. Most area of effect spells (such as fireball, summoned fog, cloudkill) will be unaffected.

Some spells may be partially affected. For instance, the shield bearer could walk through a wall of fire unharmed and the wall of fire would be extinguished where the shield passed through, leaving a gap in the wall of fire. Results will vary depending on the nature of the spell that the shield encounters. Exact results are up to the game master.

Spell Eater will even devour the magic of an enchanted item (albeit very slowly). Any magic item placed near the outer face of the shield will slowly be drained of all magic. This effect has a range of about 20 meters and is most pronounced directly in front of the shield face, gradually falling off to the sides. Think of the effect as a broad cone.

Potions and scrolls and other lesser magic items left in front of the shield will typically be drained completely in several hours (or perhaps overnight). Larger and more powerful items (swords, shields, armor, rings, wondrous items and so forth) would take several days or even weeks to drain an item. Proximity to the shield, position in relation to the front of the shield and the strength of the item determine how fast something will be drained. Actually touching a magic item to the shield directly will greatly accelerate the process. The inner side of the shield (the side with the leather straps) has no such function and any magic item left on that side would be unaffected.

The bearer of this shield will need to be cautious lest his shield drain the enchanted items of his companions. Once an item is drained, it is completely mundane and non-magical. A wish spell or similarly powerful magic could restore an item.

Drellis Effect Response

Spell Eater is completely unaffected by the Drellis Effect. In fact, it is an effective shield against the effect. If used as a shield overhead, a magic item on a person will function normally, even if the magic item would otherwise be suspectible to the Drellis Effect.


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