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Shadow Armor

Other Names Stealth Armor
Category Armor
Magical Strength Average

Physical Description

This suit of armor is made from the soft and supple black leather. It is completely black to the point of seeming to absorb light. It is a full body suit including boots and gloves. It also includes a hood and mask. It is very thin, lightweight and comfortable. It has no pockets whatsoever. It will stretch and magically resize itself to fit anyone from the size of a grum to a full grown human.


The original crafter of this magnificent suit is not known. Stories of it have circulated in the north for decades. It was most recently taken from the body of a Mire Bandit in the Trackless Mire during a skirmish on the border of Arkalia.


This suit of leather armor is enchanted as follows : it provides excellent protection from weaponry. It does not restrict movement or agility at all. While worn, the wearer can blend with shadows easily. The armor itself makes no noise whatsoever. The footsteps of the wearer are also totally silent. Any blow made upon the armor will not create any sound. Finally, if the wearer concentrates, he or she can turn invisible. This ability is usable once per day. It lasts as long as the wearer concentrates up to one minute. While invisible, the wearer can only move at half speed and may not attack and precludes concentration of any other activities (i.e. picking a lock, climbing a wall, casting a spell, etc.).

Drellis Effect Response

The invisibility function will not work during a Drellis dominant stellar phase. However, during a Karrym dominant phase, this function can be used 3 times per day.


It is suspected that there are several such suits of armor. It is likely the original design has been copied by some clever wizard in more modern times.


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