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Mallagar's Shield

Other Names The Undying Light
Category Armor
Magical Strength Average

Physical Description

This shield is recognizable by a brilliant gold and silver metalwork. It has several geometric segments radiating out from a circular orb at its center. This shield gleams as if recently polished.


This magnificent shield was forged by the dwarf lord Untarrim in the depths of Mordia during the Age of Sorrow - most likely toward the end of the seventh century by the Imperial calendar. It was used by many different dwarven warriors. In 1209 CY, it was given to Mallagar, an Arkalian knight, for services rendered to the dwarven people. Mallagar was later named First Knight of Arkalia. He wielded this magnificent shield for more than forty years. In 1235 CY, Mallagar was slain in the Trackless Mire fighting a tribe of orcs and the shield was lost for some time.

It was later reclaimed from the body of a saurian chieftain in 1356 CY and returned to Arkalia in 1357 CY where it was carried by various knights and noble families for more than 700 years. Throughout those years it retained Mallagar's name.

In 2182 CY, the shield was in the possession of Sir Dalarin, a knight commander of the High Guard. He was far from home, in the Sentinel Mountains on a mission for the Church of Barrinor when he fell in battle. He was struck down by the hammer of Atosh the Ugly, a great goblin warlord. Atosh took the shield and carried it off the battle field that day. That was more than 600 years ago. It has not been seen since, but most believe it is likely somewhere in the Coalition.


This shield is magically strengthened so that it resists blows remarkably well. It is also surprisingly light weight considering its great strength.

This shield will always appear clean and new. Dirt, mud, slime and blood will simply slide off of it. Scratches will disappear, dents will smooth themselves out. No matter what the circumstances, this shield will remain polished and gleaming.

This shield will radiate light upon command. This dazzling light emanates from the central orb and is enough to light up a large room. This dazzling light makes it difficult to attack the user of this shield.

Once per day, it can be commanded to unleash a sudden blinding flash of light which will knock back opponents standing in front of the shield. Furthermore, this flash of light is particularly effective against undead and has been known to destroy skeletons, zombies and other lesser undead in a single blast.

Drellis Effect Response

This shield is particularly susceptible to the Drellis effect, perhaps because it was crafted by dwarfs underground where there is no sunlight. This shield loses all magical functions during the Drellis stellar phase and becomes a mundane, non-magical item. It will regain it's powers during the other three stellar phases. During a Karrym dominant phase, it can unleash 3 blasts of light per day.




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