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Guardian Shield

Other Names None
Category Armor
Magical Strength Average

Physical Description

A guardian shield appears as an one meter broad shield of solid oak. It is covered with leather, bound in iron and has central bronze cap. On the center cap is inscribed the visage of a great beast. There are rumored to be seven of these shields. The design of the beast is different on each shield. The seven shields are: bear, snake, lizard, raven, wolf, lynx and toad.


During the great war, the Irreni wizard Ak'mal served the Irreni League during the Great War. He fashioned many potent items that aided the Irenni armies in countless battles. The guardian shields were one of these creations. A set of seven, they were fashioned for the seven greatest rangers of the League. These men were scouts and spies that penetrated deep into enemy territory and tracked the movement of enemy groups. These men often slept alone in the wild and Ak'mul created these shields to protec them. Over the centuries, these shields have changed hands many times and are scattered across the realms. No one has ever possessed all seven shields since their creation. Because of the extreme durability of these shields, they have survived the centuries and, because of Ak'mul's great talent, their enchantments are as strong as when first created.


A guardian shield is extremely durable and exceptionally effective at warding blows and protecting the user. In addition, the shield prevents any form of scrying and protects the user from mental attack and attacks which affect the mind – charm spells, sleep spells and so on - as long as the shield is worn, held or carried.

The shield owner is able to mentally control a single creature which matches the shield type. For instance, the possessor of the wolf guardian shield can mentally control wolves and other common canines. Only one animal can be controlled at a time. The animal will obey simply mental commands. This function is usable only once per day and control lasts for no more than a total of seven minutes. Only common animals can be affected.

Once per day, whenever the shield owner taps on the shield's bronze cap seven times, the creature depicted on the shield cap will spring forth into life and serve as guardian. Each of the guardians is a particularly large and intelligent specimen. The toad, for instance, is as large and heavy as a full grown man and can leap thirty feet. The raven has a three meter wing span and so forth.

The guardian creature is watchful and alert, has excellent senses and can see in absolute darkness. It is exceptionally difficult to sneak up on the guardian. The guardian creature instinctively recognizes friends and allies of the shield owner. If any unrecognized or obviously hostile creature approaches, the guardian creature will posture, growl and so forth in an attempt to intimidate and drive off the threat. If necessary, the guardian creature will attack the threat, even sacrificing its own life. If the guardian creature engages in combat, the shield owner is magically awakened. The guardian will not allow any harm to come to the shield owner. The guardian creature will maintain its corporeal form for a maximum of seven hours at which time it will disappear back into the shield and the shield owner will be magically awakened (if he or she was asleep).

Drellis Effect Response

The guardian shields are unaffected by the Drellis effect.



If the guardian creature is slain in battle, it returns to the shield and will not reform for seven days.


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