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Zakara Broth

Appearance Grey liquid.
Formula Dispersion Moderate. Known to the orcs, ogres and a few guilds.
Frequency Uncommon
Formula Complexity Complex
Critical Ingredients Wolfsbane, Firemoth Wings, Orichcalum Powder, Sewer Zombie Ichor
Preparation Time 3-4 days
Market Value 100 gold pieces per single dose bottle
Half Life Three weeks.
Toxicity Low

Physical Description

Zakara's broth is a grey liquid that has a foul smell. The flavor, however, is rather bland and earthy. It is usually found in very small clay jugs, each being a single dose.


This potion is attributed to the elder witch Zakara who dwelt in frozen northern lands in centuries past. When she was killed by the giant Ulgoth, her cave was pillaged and this formula was found in a grimoire of her magic. The recipe spread through the orcish tribes of the north and was later recovered from an orcish shaman. The formula is now wide spread among all orcish tribes and ogrish clans. It is also known by many wizards guilds and magic schools.


This powerful concoction cures most diseases, heals terrible wounds and grants a temporary immunity to disease, a gift which lasts for one day. However, it is a complex formula that is difficult to make. It takes several days to brew and it does not last long.

Drellis Effect Response

This potion will not function during a Drellis phase.


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