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Ular's Mending Salve

Appearance White cream.
Formula Dispersion Limited. Known to only a few wizards, guilds and schools.
Frequency Rare
Formula Complexity Average
Critical Ingredients Firemoss, Blackroot, Bloodroot, Orichcalcum Powder, Ebrin Bile, Troth Cluster Seeds
Preparation Time 6 days
Market Value 200 gold pieces per dose. Typically, 2000 gp per jar (10 doses).
Half Life Ten years (if properly stored)
Toxicity Low

Physical Description

Ular's Mending Salve is a thick yellow-white cream with a putrid smell. It is normally found in short, round ceramic jars with 8-10 applications.


Ular was a decorated dwarven wizard that served the Riverwalker clan during the reclamation of Urmordia. He developed this alchemical treasure to aid dwarven fighters who were wounded in battles with orcish tribes in the mountains. He refined the formula several times over the years before settling on what is now considered the standard recipe. He willed the formula to three friends upon his death, one of whom later sold it the Academy of War Mages in Vorrik.


If applied directly to a wound, it will heal the wound completely and instantly. Pain will disappear. Bleeding wounds will seal shut. Bruises will fade. Burns will vanish. One application of the cream must be rubbed into the wound thoroughly. Ular's Mending Salve is very powerful and able to heal even the most grievous injuries. Furthermore, any additional injury to that specific part of the body will regenerate instantly. This regenerative effect lasts for six hours.

Ular's Mending Salve has an astonishing shelf life. It will fade to half strength only after a full decade of storage (assuming it is in an air-tight container). If exposed to air, it will dry out and become inert in one day.

Drellis Effect Response

Ular's Mending Salve is unaffected by Drellis and will work normally during any stellar phase.


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