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Sygauer's Cure All

Appearance Liquid. Orange-red.
Formula Dispersion Widely dispersed recipe. Known by almost all wizards, guilds and magic schools.
Frequency Common
Formula Complexity Simple
Critical Ingredients Mist Tree Oil, Meal Nuts, Blackroot, Mallosh
Preparation Time 24 hours
Market Value 25 gold pieces per bottle
Half Life Six weeks.
Toxicity Low.

Physical Description

Sygauer's Cure All appears as a thick liquid of intense orange red color and the burnt smell. It tastes bitter. It is usually found in small bottles or clay flasks, one dose per bottle. Also sometimes known as Sygauer's Curative or simply "Cure All".


The original recipe for this elixir was created by the sorcerer Sygaeur of the Irenni League during the Age of Dreams. He was responsible for the creation of several potions and enchanted foodstuffs that served the Irenni military forces during the Great War.

The formula for Sygauer's Curative has survived and been passed down the generations. It is now widespread and this formula is known to several wizard guilds and magic schools.


This fiery liquid instantly refreshes the body and mind. It gives the drinker the equivalent of 8 full hours of restful sleep and a full day's nourishment. One dose of this will banish all fatigue, pain, hunger, stress and worry and restores vigor and peace of mind. It also heals minor cuts, bruises and scrapes. Sygaeur's is useful for mercenary companies, adventurers and soldiers. This potion can get a man back on his feet under even the most dire circumstances. If used as a substitute for real food and sleep for more than 4-5 days, physical ailments will develop, including headaches, nausea and hallucinations.

Drellis Effect Response

This potion will not function during a Drellis phase.


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