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Shadak Gruel

Appearance Thick grey-green slime.
Formula Dispersion Moderate
Frequency Uncommon
Formula Complexity Simple
Critical Ingredients Creeping Cave Blight, Itchvine Resin, Torgat Egg, Skypod Skin, Blood Roach Carapace
Preparation Time 18 hours
Market Value 40 gp per dose
Half Life One year
Toxicity Mild.

Physical Description

This foul concoction has a smell that causes the nostrils to burn and the eyes to water. It is a putrid grey-green slime that is difficult to consume without gagging. It is usually found in stout clay jars with wax covered cork stoppers. Each bottle typically contains four doses.


This formula was created by the ogres of the north many centuries ago. The formula has been used by orcish shamans, ogre warlords and other humanoid races. Bottles of the stuff have been captured on the battle field. Different tribes have slight variations of the basic recipe. The formula is now wide spread and is used by ogres, orcs, goblins and many other humanoid races. The formula is known by a few magic schools as well.


This disgusting potion is actually a potent elixir with powerful healing properties. It provides more healing per dose than Malidon's Remedy. However, such healing occurs in painful spasms and spurts. Bones will snap violently back into place. Wounds will seal closed with a severe burning sensation. Overall, it is an unpleasant experience.

This is, perhaps, intentional. Ogres and orcs, who use this potion a great deal, revel in the pain. They see it as a test of a warrior’s strength. Healing, they believe, should be as painful as the experience of the initial wound.  The greater the wound, the greater the healing and the more intense the pain.

This potion is mildly toxic. Multiple doses will cause headaches and nausea, especially for someone who is not used to it. Additional doses can lead to retching, tremors and even coma.

Drellis Effect Response

This potion will not function during a Drellis phase.


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