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Ikara's Oil of Protection

Appearance Clear oil.
Formula Dispersion Moderate. Known to many orcish shamans and several wizards guilds.
Frequency Rare
Formula Complexity Complex
Critical Ingredients Hunter's Herb, Pod Moss, Avarian Feathers, Mist Tree Oil, Bone Ash
Preparation Time Two weeks.
Market Value 250 gold pieces per dose.
Half Life One year
Toxicity None.

Physical Description

A clear oil with a smoky scent. Usually found in small, stout clay bottles.


This magical oil was created by witch queen Ikara who served Cevalks, the orcish chieftain who successfully unites the orcish clans of the Northern Tusks in 1874 CY. As his consort, she claimed the title "Witch Queen", but rather than rule with Cevalks, she devoted much of her time to arcane arts and alchemy. Many were the poisons and potions that she brewed for Cevalks and the orcs of the north. However, in 1891, she created this oil, her greatest alchemical creation. Although she may have been responsible for other potions, this is the only known item to bear her name. It has been widely distributed throughout the orcish clans of Ithria and the recipe has found its way into the libraries of a number of wizards guilds and magic schools.


When rubbed into the flesh, this oil causes the skin to harden. This provides modest protection against weapons and injury without impeding movement. In addition, any wound suffered will heal at a greatly accelerated rate. What would normally take weeks to heal will instead heal in hours. This magical effects apply only to the skin that was touched by the oil. The magic of this oil lasts for one day. Multiple applications of the oil will not increase the magical effect or extend the duration. A single bottle of this oil is enough to cover the entire body of one average sized adult orc (or human).

Drellis Effect Response

Ikara's Oil of Protection is unaffected by Drellis and will work normally during any stellar phase.


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