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Ice Paste

Appearance Blue icy slush.
Formula Dispersion Moderate. Known to many wizards, guilds and schools.
Frequency Rare
Formula Complexity Average
Critical Ingredients Vethali Berries, Hull Worms, Orichcalcum Powder, Flesh Fungus
Preparation Time 3 days
Market Value 150 gold pieces per dose.
Half Life Varies. See below.
Toxicity None.

Physical Description

Ice Paste is a bluish thick slurry mixture of ice crystals and a cold liquidy paste. It is somewhat sticky and will readily adhere to skin or other surface. Ice Paste feels deathly cold to the touch and seems to absorb heat from the surroundings. Any container holding Ice Paste will be covered in a coating of frost. Ice Paste is typically kept in heavy clay jars that contain betwee 6-12 doses.


The original creator of this recipe is unknown. This is an uncommon recipe, but not exceptionally rare. It is known to most schools and guilds in northern Ithria. Actual jars of ice past can be found almost anywhere. It is referenced in texts dating back to the Age of Sorrow. It is most likely a product that was developed during the Great War.


If applied directly to a burn, the burn will be instantly healed. Ice Paste is exceptionally good at healing any burn. Even a small dab of the cream can cure the most severe burn. However, it is ineffective with any other type of wound. Bleeding wounds, bruises, broken bones and so forth will not be healed. If applied to a wound that is a combination of burn and other type of injury, only the burn will be cured.

Ice Paste has one other use, though it takes a brave soul to risk it. Ice paste can be smeared over the entire body giving a temporary immunity to all fire, flame and heat. However, such immunity is very short lived. First, it takes great courage to smear this terribly cold concoction on bare skin. Such bone chilling cold will takes its toll. Within one minute the user will be shivering and begin to experience frostbite. Within three minutes, the user will simply freeze to death. To cover an entire human body would require a minimum of 6 full applications of ice paste.

Burn Paste lasts forever, as long as it is kept very cold. If kept below the freezing temperature of water, it will last indefinitely. However, heat shortens its life. At room temperature, it has a shelf life of one month. At warmer temperatures, its lift is shortened even further.

Drellis Effect Response

Ice Paste is unaffected by Drellis and will work normally during any stellar phase.


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