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Deathnull Potion

Appearance Thick red liquid.
Formula Dispersion Very limited. Known to very few wizards.
Frequency Very Rare
Formula Complexity Very Complex
Critical Ingredients Illfate Orchid Petals, Shaker Cranial Fluid, Firedrake Blood
Preparation Time Three months.
Market Value 10,000 gold pieces per bottle.
Half Life Two years (see below).
Toxicity Low

Physical Description

This potion is a thick, blood-like, red liquid with a metallic sheen. Because of its great value, it is always found in a very sturdy (shatter proof) container. Typically, this is a steel flask with a wax covered tight cork. It has a burnt smell.


Deathnull Potion was created by a trio of Syndicate wizards in Arcanum. It was unveiled during the Festival of Spells in 2682 CY among a host of other magical wonders, although it was initially revealed only to certain wizards and nobles. Since that time, it's existence has become something of a legend to the world. Because of the complexity of the formula and rarity of this potion, it is exceptionally valuable and only the wealthiest of nobles can afford even a single dose. Because of this, the Syndicate has found this potion to be a lucrative product and it has, over the years, added much wealth to their coffers. In the three decades that this potion has been available, a number of kings, nobles, high priests and others who command vast wealth have purchased it in hopes of fending off death. Because of its limited shelf life, many of these are repeat customers. It has also been purchased by military commanders, adventurers, guild leaders and others.

The Syndicate is the only guild known to possess the formula for this potion. It is not known if they have shared it with any other wizard or guild. The Syndicate has set the price for this potion at 10,000 gold carriks for a single dose of this potion.


This exceptionally powerful potion can literally restore life to the dead. If poured on the body of the recently deceased, the subject will be restored to life. This effect works with any person, creature or animal, but has a few limitations. There must be a body to restore and the potion requires at least half a body. If more than 50% of the body has been burned, disintegrated or is otherwise missing, the effect fails. The body to be restored must include an intact head and brain. If the head is missing or the brain has been too severely damaged, life cannot be restored.

Time is critical and death must have been very recent. The chances of successfully restoring life decrease rapidly with time as indicated in the following table:

Time Since Death Chance of Revival
Less than 1 hour 100%
2 hours 80%
4 hours 60%
8 hours 40%
12 hours 30%
16 hours 20%
24 hours 10%
28 hours 5%
32 hours 0%

The deathnull potion repairs just enough damage to restore and sustain life. It will repair damage to internal organs and so forth to the point that they are functioning and life sustaining. It will not, however, restore lost limbs. It will not cure burns, fix broken bones or heal other wounds. It will simply repair enough damage to restore life and "reignite the spark" of life. Depending on the nature of the person's death, additional healing may be required. Also, it should be noted that it does not purge poisons or toxins from the body. So it is possible that any lingering poisons may still need to be dealt with by other means.

Deathnull Potion gradually loses it's potency with time. After two years, it's strength is halved. The percentages on the table above are likewise halved. A deathnull potion that is four years old is one quarter strength and so on.

Drellis Effect Response

Unaffected by the Drellis effect and will function normally during any stellar phase.


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