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Balmoran Dust

Appearance Dark red powder. Burgundy Liquid.
Formula Dispersion Limited. Known to only a few guilds and schools.
Frequency Rare
Formula Complexity Average
Critical Ingredients Dukrang Firemoss Tendrils, Borakan Spice Crystals, Orichcalcum Powder, Cold Flame Crystal
Preparation Time 8-9 days
Market Value 125 gold pieces per dose
Half Life Six months (but it must be kept absolutely dry).
Toxicity Moderate

Physical Description

Balmoran Dust is actually a dark red powder. It must be mixed with water to be consumed. When mixed with water, it turns the water a deep burgundy color. The powder has no smell and the drink has a very little flavor. The raw powder is highly sensitive to moisture and is usually kept in tightly sealed wooden casks or wax seal jars. If kept totally dry, the powder will maintain it's effectiveness for some time, falling to half strength after six months. If any moisture contaminates the powder, it will lose its magic within one hour.


It is not known who originally created the manufacturing process and formula for Balmoran Dust. Nor is the origin of the name "Balmoran" known. The earliest records of this powder indicate that it was recovered from a cache of lore discovered in the ransacked castle of a wizard who died during the Age of Sorrow. The formula was held for more than two centuries by a noble Arkalian family before it was sold and later translated by Tumelthis of Vogue. He later sold it to several other wizards in an attempt to pay off debts. The formula is now a closely guarded secret, known only to a few wizards and guilds, mostly in northern Ithria.


This powerful exilir grants accelerated healing. Once consumed, the imbiber will feel a warmth spread through the body. For the next 4-7 days, the imbiber will heal at a rate 10 times greater than normal. Wounds, illness, poison, intoxication and fatigue will all heal and/or run their course at the same accelerated rate (10x normal). In most cases, this is a benefit. Wounds will heal overnight. Intoxication will fade in less than an hour. Fatigue will vanish so quickly that the user can push themselves hard continuously. Minor illnesses will run their course in a matter of hours. However, in the case of certain poisons or diseases, this biological acceleration could actually be a detriment to the imbiber. Anything that would kill the user will simply kill them faster.

If the powder is kept dry, it will lose its strength slowly, fading to one half strength after in six months. Once this powder is mixed with water, it must be consumed within one hour.

This potion is mildly toxic. Taking a second dose of Balmoran's Dust will under the influence of the first will accelerate healing to 50 times normal, but will also permanently age the user approximately 10% of the normal life span. Taking any potion of mild toxicity or more while under the influence of Balmoran's Dust can lead to physical ailments (exact results up to the game master).

Drellis Effect Response

The effects of this potion will function during any stellar phase.


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