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Healing Potions

"Pain is temporary, glory is forever"

Healing potions are a broad category of magical elixirs that heal wounds, cure disease and generally restore health and vigor. There are many different recipes and formulae for them and they come in an astounding variety. A healing potion may be intended to be consumed or applied directly to the wound. It may be a liquid, paste, oil, powder or something else entirely. Some recipes produce more powerful healing concoctions while others affect only certain kinds of injury. Healing potions are one of the most common types of alchemical product produced. Wizard guilds and magic schools often have several different recipes and healing potions form an important and fundamental part of alchemical training.

Name Description
Balmoran Dust Grants modestly accelerated healing rate over several days.
Battledraught Remarkable potion that causes greatly accelerated healing rate for a short duration.
Deathnull Potion A legendary potion that can restore life to the recently deceased.
Elixir of Wound Purging A very powerful healing potion that can cure almost anything.
Ice Paste An icy blue paste which is very effective at healing burns.
Ikara's Oil of Protection Oil that is rubbed into the skin. Thickens skin while granting limited regeneration.
Malidon's Remedy One of the most common, general purpose healing potions.
Revel's Bane A potion that rapidly detoxifies the body.
Shadak Gruel A foul tasting, but strong, ogre-brewed healing potion which causes painful spurts of healing.
Sygauer's Cure All A quick curative that restores vigor, dispels exhaustion and provides sustenance.
Ular's Mending Salve Thick healing paste which is applied direclty to a wound.
Zakara's Broth Provides healing, cures disease and provice temporary immunity to disease.


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