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Agmar's Augmenter

Appearance Thick, pale red syrup.
Formula Dispersion Widely known.
Frequency Uncommon.
Formula Complexity Average.
Critical Ingredients Saurian Scales, Bear Fat, Arkulyte Crystal Dust, Troll Skin
Preparation Time 6-8 hours
Market Value 150 gold per bottle
Half Life Three years.
Toxicity Moderate.

Physical Description

Agmar’s Augmenter is a thick, syrupy pale red liquid. It has a cloyingly sweet taste. It has very little smell.


According to various historical records, Agmar was an Corvenian mage who ruled over small town of Marsh Hill in the 14th century during the Age of Rebirth. During his reign, the town was attacked by an orcish tribe from the Trackless Mire. The orcs laid seige to his tower for three days, demanding he surrender. Agmar was a frail old man but a skilled sorcerer and master alchemist. He challenged the orc to a wrestling match and declared the winner would take the town. The orcish chieftain laughed at the old man and agreed to a duel at dawn the next day. It is not known if Agmar had already created this potion previously or if he concocted it that very night. In any case, the next morning, a frail old man emerged from the tower and faced an orcish horde as terrified villagers looked on. As the orc chieftain advanced, Agmar pulled out a bottle, drank the contents and was transformed into a muscle bound warrior. The battle was brief and Agmar quickly defeated the orc. Humiliated, the orcish chieftain ordered his warriors to attack. Bolstered by the mage’s transformation, the villagers rose up and attacked. With the aid of Agmar’s magic, they won the day and the orcs were routed. The story became a popular tale that was retold in taverns about the region. Agmar sold the formula to other wizards for a profit and used to the profit to help restore the town. Since that time, the formula has been traded and sold several times and is now known to most guilds and magic schools.


This potion will cause a dramatic physical transformation in the drinker. When the bottle is consumed, the body of the drinker will immediately begin to change. Fat will melt away, muscles will bulge, hair will regrow on a bald head and youth will be restored. The drinker will become a paragon of health, vigor and athletic muscularity. He or she will attain peak physical condition. The effect is an actual physical transformation. It is not an illusion. The user’s strength and endurance will be greatly increased as a result of the bulging  muscles and improved health. This potion will work on any animal life form, but will have no effect on undead, automatons or other non-biological entities. The effect will last anywhere from 1 to 6 hours depending on the dosage and the quality of the potion. A typical bottle will last about 3 hours. At the end of the potion's duration, the drinker will return to normal with no ill side effects.

Drellis Effect Response

Unaffected by the Drellis effect. Works during any stellar phase.




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