The World Of Khoras - History

Section 6 - History

All history is the record of man's single failure to thwart his destiny - the record, in other words, of the few men of destiny who, through recognition of their symbolic role, made history.

Henry Miller

Khoras has a turbulent and bloody history marred by war for most of recorded time. It is a world that has seen great magicks, terrible tragedies, long wars and new beginnings that have occurred at an unprecedented pace.

The most significant event in Khorasian history is the cataclysmic disaster known as the Sundering. (See below). This event serves as a focal point for history. Scholars divide history up into two major eras : Pre-Sundering and Post-Sundering. Historical events preceding the Sundering are marked by year on the Thullian Imperial Calendar. Those following are marked on the Common Calendar. Each era is divided up into a number of "Ages" which are defined in length by the significant events which mark its beginning and ending. Each age is further divided up into "Periods" which highlight specific groups of related events.

Beginning Ending Numerical Age Age/Event Length
10,000 BT 0 BT The First Age The Age Of Dawning 10,000
1 TIC 293 TIC The Second Age The Age Of Thull 293
294 TIC 364 TIC The Rise Of The Alliance 71
365 TIC 450 TIC The Third Age The Age Of Dreams 86
451 TIC 469 TIC The Focusing 19
470 TIC 470 TIC The Sundering 0
0 CY 1 CY The Fourth Age The World Storm 1
1 CY 88 CY The Age Of Chaos 87
89 CY 340 CY The Great War 251
341 CY 808 CY The Age Of Sorrow 468
809 CY 2562 CY The Fifth Age The Age of Rebirth 1754
2563 C Present The Age Of Legends -


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