The World Of Khoras - History

The Kithdari

A Pre-Sundering Nation - Now Extinct


The Kithdari were an ancient, powerful and magical race. Their civilization predates the Thullian and Kytohan empires by several centuries. The Kithdari civilization was an advanced empire with powerful magic and a subjegated slave race that served them. After a thousand years, this civilization suddenly fell and all the Kithdari vanished. This occurred long before the rise of the Thullian Empire, almost 4000 years ago. In the aftermath of this societal collapse, the slave race fled into the Tanlur Mountains and the wildlands of Qeshir.

Scholars speculate and debate about the Kithdari, but the truth is that no one knows what really caused their civilization to collapse. Some speculate that they were attacked by some interdimensional species. Other suggest they succumbed to virulent plague. Still others suggest that the Kithdari foresaw the Sundering and the chaos and war that followed and chose to leave this world for another.

Although the Kithdari are no more, they left behind a grand legacy. The Kithdari homeland, now known as the Border Clans, are scattered with tremendous ruins, celestial tombs and ancient magic. The slave race eventually evolved into the mandalar.

It is known that Kithdari magic was very powerful and among the ruins can be found strange and wondrous enchanted objects. The greatest of their works were the "jumpgates" (a term handed down through the mandalar). The jump gates are huge devices that lie at the center of some ruins. Based on some studies, scholars believe that these immense gates were capable of teleport Kithdari around the world and to worlds in other dimensions.

Studying the ruins of the Kithdari is difficult as the mandalar will not allow outsiders into their lands.


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