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The Adaptors

The Adaptors were a special type of soldier used by the Thullian Empire. These were human soldiers who had been heavily modified through magic. They were given the ability to adapt to any environment and survive any condition. They could alter their bodies rapidly. They could change their faces at a whim, grow wings to survive a fall, grow gills to breathe underwater, alter their eyes to see in darkness, turn their hands into claws to climb a wall and many other physical feats.

The Adaptors were one of several research projects conducted by the Alliance in the years prior to the Sundering. Imperial soldiers, both men and women, were chosen and given to the Assembly for experimentation. Each year, the Alliance produced several dozen of them. The Empire used them for special missions and in various military conflicts. By the way time the Sundering hit, it is estimated that the Empire had roughly 140 of them. During the Great War, the Empire utilized the Adaptors in almost every battle. They were used for assassination missions, scouting and so forth.

In the years after the Sundering, the region around where the town of North Aden had stood had become a desolate wasteland were nothing could survive, not even plants. This region became known as the Baen Desert... a region of dust and sand and death. None who entered survived. Its borders expanded relentlessly every year. However, at the heart of this death zone was the site of the Assembly Hall and the Focusing. If anything remained of the great magicks within that hall, it could perhaps be used to turn the tide of the war or even undo the ecological damage of the World Storm. Soldiers had been ordered into the desert before, but none had ever returned. Some of the Emperor's advisors believed the adaptors could survive where all others had failed. There was debate on this point. Eventually, the Emperor decided the possible reward outweighed the risk. The surviving adaptors were ordered in to the Baen Desert with orders to find North Aden and retrieve everything they could.

The adaptors proved that they could survived the harsh conditions there and they did successfully locate the ruins of North Aden. Numerous artifacts and relics from the ruins of North Aden, though the excavation was slow. After a few years, however, the adaptors rebelled against the empire. They abandoned their work and sent word back to the empire that they were going to remain in the desert. In the empire they were little more than slaves, but in the desert, they were free. Where nothing else could survive, they thrived. The adaptors were never seen again and they eventually passed into myth and legend.

With each generation, the adaptors gradually lost their magical abilities and evolved into the Baenites. The history and stories of their progenitors are, no doubt, responsible for the isolationist tendencies of the Baenites.



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