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Agurad The Toothless


Agurad "the Toothless" was a goblin chieftain with unusually powerful magical ability. He was abnormally large for a goblin and some say he had orcish blood as well. He rose to prominence in the early 9th century. He managed to sieze control of his tribe when the tribe's then-ruling chieftan, Mazurak the Foul, fell ill (although it is widely believed Agurad slew him with a magical curse). In the summer of 844 CY, Agurad united eleven goblin tribes and four orcish clans in the Dragonclaw Mountains and began a war with Normidia. The Great Horde of Agurad, numbered in the thousands and included saurians, ogres and trolls as well. This great horde rode down from the mountains and began attacking towns and villages of Normidia. Town militias were unable to handle the onslaught and several towns were razed. The first attack obliterated the town of Kelest.

In August of that year, Agurad's Horde began a siege of Tykron in the late summer. The siege lasted four months and the city endured relentless attacks which included disease ridden corpses being flung over the walls and goblin magic. The horde attacked traffic on the river and seized ships in the port. As the snows began to fall that winter, a daring raid into the camp of the horde by a mercenary company precipitated a full battle which included the King's personal guards, the knights of Tykron, the city guard and several town militias which had coordinated their attacks. The combined forces finally broke the siege. During the climax of the battle, the commander of the knights rode down Agurad and impaled him with a lance, killing him instantly. The death of Agurad caused several of his spells to fail (which may have included charm spells on several key tribal leaders). The horde rapidly fell into leaderless chaos and was routed. The broken horde was pursued by the Normidia military for days into the mountains and finally defeated at the Vidomosk Valley after a three day battle.

The king put the body of Agurad on display above the city gates for a whole year as the city rebuilt and recovered. On the one year anniversary of the breaking of the siege, the bones were removed and placed in the Royal Archives of Tykron.


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