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Major Historical Battles

"War is the crucible in which peace is forged"
- Devane Kanoskar, Kalimuran Minister of Defense

The table below lists general notes on all the major historical battles of Khoras. Most of these battles are included because of their size or historical significance. The numbers showing forces and casualties are approximations. Those numbers marked with a ? indicate that the true number is unknown and the number listed is the best estimate based on what little historical evidence is available. The victor in each conflict is listed first and in bold. Some battles had no clear victor.



Year Name of Battle Location Belligerents/Forces/Casualties Description
Unknown About 750 BT Battle of Palleratas Central Ithria

Darzek Tribes / 75,000? / 30,000?

Kingdom of Gekron / 40,000? / 10,000?

The first great conflict of the Four Kingdoms War. Although the Darzek Tribes had attacked the Kingdom of Gekron several times, this was the first major battle of historical note.
Unknown About 725 BT Battle of Karryk Woods Eastern Ithria

Barakus Clans / 100,000? / 25,000?

Kingdom of Anhara / 30,000? / 28,000?

The final great conflict of the Four Kingdoms War in which the united Barakus Clans defeated the armies of the Kingdom of Anhara.
Summer 132 BT Battle of the Fire Cliffs Northern Ithria

Ranyku / 10,000? / 1,000?

KeTai / 15,000? / 15,000?

Order of the Ranyku wiped out the Church of Ke'Tai in retaliation for the murder of their spiritual leader (the grandson of the founder of their following).
Landthrive 25? 140 TIC Battle of the Fourth Throne City of Bekai, Thullian Empire

Krellian Rebels / 5000? / 1000?

Imperial Loyalists / 2000? / 1600?

General Krellian overthrew Thull III in a major city battle. Thull III and his bodyguards were executed. General Krellian assumed the title Thull and became Thull IV.
Spellwane 7? 302 TIC Battle for the Ninth Throne City of Bekai, Thullian Empire

Imperial Rebels (Thullian) / 2000 / 1000

Imperial Loyalists (Krellian) / 4000 / 3300

Thull IX reclaimed the throne, taking it back from the Krellian line in another city wide running battle.
Summer? 468 CY Battle of Kinogh Western Ithria

Threll / 3000? / 1000?

Tanluris / 1000? / 900?

The archmage Threll sent an army of several thousand against the town of Kinogh and conquered it. The Battle of Kinogh marks the beginning of the war between Threll and Tanluris.
Late Spring? 470 CY Battle of Tanluris Western Ithria

Threll / 7000? / 2000?

Tanluris / 3000? / 3000?

Threll's armies marched on Tanluris and destroyed the city.
Hearthseek 28 1 CY Battle of the Giant Slayers City of Pelruska, Kytohan Empire

Secambru Giants / 600 / 100

Kytohan Empire / 5000 / 4000

An enslaved race of giants, the Secambru, rose up in revolt against their masters and engaged the Kytohan Imperial military in war. In a single day, they freed themselves, destroyed the city of Pelruska, defeated the imperial army there, stole a dozen giant sized ocean galleys and fled the empire.
Spellwane 20 4 CY Battle of Anterian City of Anterian, Thullian Empire

Traxx Legion / 3000 / 1000

Thullian Empire / 1000 / 950

In retaliation for the Sundering and resulting cataclysm, and after much internal political discussion, the Traxx legion launched a major assault against the empire. The city of Anterian was attacked and defeated. This battle is marked by most historians as the official start of the Great War.
Forestblush 19 6 CY Battle of Satoro's Spire City of Cassryn, Thullian Empire

Irenni League / 9000 / 4000

Thullian Empire / 1500 / 1300

Following in the footsteps of the Traxx Legion, the Irenni League launched its own assault against the Thullian Empire in retaliation for the cataclysm they had wrought. Fearing the Alliance mage lords would further anger the gods, the Irenni League attacked the city of Cassryn, a major Alliance stronghold.

Magereign 17 20 CY Battle of Danaghan Meadow War Vale

Traxx Legion / 17000 / 6000

Thullian Empire / 22000 / 19500

A major battle that occured in the War Vale. Between Traxx and Thullian imperial forces.
Windrise 2 27 CY Battle of Balrenod War Vale

Irenni League / 30,000 / 15,000

Traxx Legion / 45,000 / 27,000

Thullian Empire / 60,000 / 45,000

Also known as the Battle of Three Armies. One of several battles where all three supernations marched onto the battlefield at once. This was one of the largest battles fought during the Great War. It occured in the central region of the War Vale near a town named Balrenod. All three sides declared victory, although the truth is closer to a stalemate. After two days of fighting, all three sides suffered heavy casualties and eventually retreated.
Icebreak 23 41 CY Battle of Kalath Mountain War Vale

Traxx Legion / 10000 / 8000

Thullian Empire / 15000 / 12500

A major battle that raged in the north end of the War Vale. Another battle of the Great War. Both sides suffered heavy casualties and there was no clear victor.
Spellwane 17 74 CY Battle of Bone Hill War Vale

Thullian Empire / 8000 / 4000

Alliance Mage Lords / 700 / 640

A political shift in the Thullian Empire led to a major shift in policy toward the Alliance and the empire launched an assault against the Alliance stronghold at Bone Hill. The Alliance Mage Lords were routed and many fled. This is the battle where Alrem Evarel, the architect of the Sundering himself, was captured and killed.
Icebreak 16 89 CY Siege of Bekai City of Bekai, Thullian Empire

Traxx Legion / 40,000 / 10,000

Thullian Empire / 60,000 / 45,000

In one of the most significant battles of the Great War, the Traxx Legion marched on and captured the Thullian capital city of Bekai. During the battle, the last Alliance Mage Lord was captured and executed.
Magesway 27 155 CY Siege of Daetowa City of Daetowa, Northeastern Aggradar

Humanoid Tribes / 50,000? / 10,000?

Daetowa Militia / 2000 / 2000

The city of Daetowa in northeastern Aggradar was overrun by humanoids. This was the first appearance of the humanoid races in eastern Aggradar. Many fled, but most were butchered. The city is completely conquered and taken over by the humanoid tribes.
Windrise 2 333 CY Conflagration of Aukell Aukell Forest, Central Ithria

Irenni League / 15,000 / 10,000

Traxx Legion / 11,000 / 9,000

A battle notable for two distinctions. First, several spell casters on both sides employed powerful spells, including several new incantations. Second, this battle was immediately followed by a major forest fire which complete destroyed the Aukell Forest. The battle is widely blamed for the fire, but the exact cause is unknown. Many suspect some new weapon - magical or otherwise - was used and may have caused the fire. No clear victor in this battle and heavy casualties on both sides.
Spellwane 1 340 CY Battle of Kimroth Falls War Vale

Traxx Legion / 350,000 / 100,000

Thullian / 500,000 / 450,000

This was the final battle of the Great War. A simply HUGE battle fought at Kimroth Falls in the War Vale. It was from this battle that the War Vale got its name. Thullian Imperial forces lost to the Traxx Legion. After this defeat, the Thullian Empire officially surrendered.
Windrise 14 358 CY First Battle of the Citadel Citadel

Orc Horde / 15,000 / 3,000

Citadel Army / 10,000 / 9,000

A massive orc horde, under the command of the the great orc chieftain Brauk, laid siege to and captured the Citadel. It should be noted that this was the first appearance of the orcs (or at least an early evolutionary stage of orcs). The rapid fall of the Citadel to orcish forces was blamed on the abyssmal leadership and outright cowardice of Commander Marcus Tilley, who ruled the Citadel at the time.
Landthrive 9 375 CY Battle of Imarrilus Kingdom of Imarrilu

Bandit Horde / 900 / 300

Kingdom of Imarrilu / 500 / 450

The small Kingdom of Imarrilu was attacked and pillaged by a bandit attack. A set of powerful magical relics, known as the King's artifacts, were taken by the bandit raiders.

Spellfade 19 628 CY Second Battle of the Citadel Citadel

Irenni League / 15,000 / 9,000

Ogre Clans / 5,000 / 4,000

The Irenni League captured the Citadel. The general leading the siege, Sanigar, assumed control of the Citadel in the name of the Irenni League.
Hearthseek 15 658 CY Third Battle of the Citadel Citadel

Ogre Horde / 12,000 / 3,000

Irenni League / 8,000 / 7,000

After only thirty years under human control, the Citadel fell to humanoid hordes once again. A massive army of ogres defeated Irenni soldiers and retook the Citadel. This was the first appearance of the ogres (or at least an early evolutionary stage of the ogres).
Magerule 19 689 CY Battle of Seven Hills Eastern Irenni League, near modern day Vorrik

Orc Army / 16,000 / 6,000

Irenni League / 15,000 / 12,000

The Irenni League lost a major battle to the orcish armies at the Battle of Seven Hills. Many Irenni heroes died in this tragic defeat. This further weakened an already devastated Irenni League.
Forestblush 27 712 CY Battle of Se'auri Se'auri

Orc Horde 9000 / 5000

Irenni League / 2000 / 2000

The capital city of the Irenni League, Se'auri, was attacked by a horde of ogres and orcs. The Irenni League, already in a greatly weakened state, was unable to fend off the attack. After a short 5 day siege battle, the city was breached and the humanoids poured into the city. Refugees from Se'auri fled to the nearest major city, Strathon, the head city in the Duchy of Arkalis.

Magereign 13 712 CY Battle of Torgan Field Se'auri

Irenni League / 6000 / 4000

Orc Horde / 4000 / 3500

Duke Ranold, ruler of Strathon, marshaled his town militia and sent out word for all able bodied Irenni men to come to Strathon and prepare for battle. Two weeks after Se'auri fell, Duke Ranold led a force of 6000 soldiers to march on the orcs. Upon Torgan Field before the gates of Se'uari, a great battle was joined and the orc horde was scattered. Unfortunately, the city of Se'uari had been destroyed and was beyond repair.
Spellwane 8 771 CY Battle of Doth Court Capital city of Doth Unknown. Various military factions within Traxx Legion. Several thousand soldiers are involved. Casualties number in the hundreds. A major military coup occured in the capital city of the Traxx Legion. Opposing military factions engaged in a massive battle in the city. The ruling nobility was executed. Escalating tensions between rival warlords precipitated the rapid breakdown of the Legion.
Windrise 16 777 CY Battle of Ithell Ithell

Ithell Militias / 1200 / 900

Traxx Legion / 2000 / 1800

The Battle of Ithell. Three Traxxian war lords sent an armies to crush the rebellion of Ithell. Ithell mustered its own army. The armies clashed on the banks of the Merchant's Highway. The Ithellian army defeated the opposing army and Ithell maintained its freedom and independence. Ithell marks its founding based on this victory.
Landthrive 12 825-832 CY Fourth Battle of the Citadel Citadel

Ogres of the Citadel / 7,000 / 6,000

Rukemian Royal Army / 20,000 / 8,000

The Royal Army of the Kingdom of Rukemia began a full scale siege of the ogre held Citadel. The siege lasted seven years. Finally, on Landthrive 12 of 832 CY, the siege ended in a climactic battle and the Royal Army captured the Citadel and drove off the ogres.

Spellwane 19 844 CY Siege of Tykron Normidia

Horde of Agurad / 12,000 / 2,000

Town of Kelest / 5,000 / 4,800

Agurad the Toothless, a powerful goblin chieftain skilled in magic, successfully united eleven goblin tribes and four orcish clans in the Dragonclaw Mountains in the summer of 844 CY. The Great Horde of Agurad, numbered in the thousands and included saurians, ogres and trolls as well. This great horde marched into Normidia and sacked the town of Kelest. Town militas were unable to halt the advance of the horde and several towns were razed.
Magerule 6 844 CY Siege of Tykron Tykron

Horde of Agurad / 10,000 / 2,000

Tykron Militias / 2,000 / 1,800

The Great Horde of Agurad, having conquered several Normidian towns, reached the capital city of Tykron. Hundreds of city guards and militia men gave their lives to delay the horde while thousands across the region fled to the safety of the city. The horde eventually reached the city and began a four month siege.
Magereign 4 844 CY The Breaking of Agurad's Horde Tykron

Horde of Agurad / 8,000 / 5,500

Normidian Forces / 6,000 / 2,000

A daring raid into the camp of the horde by a mercenary company allied with the Normidian crown combined with the arrival of several town militias and army units finally broke the siege and the horde was routed. Agurad himself was killed during the climax of this battle.
Landthrive 2 1137-1139 CY Siege of Garrison Garrison

Orc Army / 25,000 / 5,000

Garrison / 10,000 / 500

The orcs of the Sentinel Mountains launched a major assault against Garrison. The battle raged for two days. Unable to breach the gates, the orcs were reinforced by additional forces and set up camps for a siege. The battle was a stalemate.
Spellwane 7 1209 CY Battle of Kassen's Plain Chaddamar Theocracy

Chaddamar / 12,000 / 3,000

Horde / 4,000 / 3,000

The first major encounter with the Horde of the Shidaran peninsula. First time it was given the name "the Horde".
Spellwane 10 1296 CY Battle of Cedeldra Town of Cedeldra, Chaddamar Theocracy

Church of the Chaddamar / 500 / 450

Shidaran Royal Army / 470 / 320

A major battle that erupted in the town of Cedeldra between of the Church and the King. Both sides suffered heavy casualties and there was no clear victor. This battle sparked full scale civil war between the crown and the church.
Chilldeath 26 1305 CY Battle of Illhekar Chaddamar Theocracy

Church of the Chaddamar / 17,000 / 3,250

Shidaran Royal Army / 12,000 / 6,800

The Church of Chaddamar defeated the King and army. The Church then promptly assumed control of the realm and declared the founding of the Chaddamar Theocracy.
Chilldeath 7 1309 CY Battle of Kisselweld Hill Khenshire

Kamridon Clan / 2,000 / 800

Falkir Clan / 2,500 / 2,100

Ancient blood feuds among the farming communities of Khenshire flared up. The Kamridons attacked the Falkirs in the Battle of Kisselweld Hill and this precipitated a civil war between the clans. Several clans, led by the Falkirs, broke away from Khenshire and resettled a mere hundred leagues to the east. These clans became known as the Falkir Clans and formed their own nation.

Windrise 7 1384 CY Battle of Yvin's Gap Chaddamar Theocracy

Horde / 2,000,000? / 700,000?

Chaddamar / 18,000 / 15,000

Battle at the gap in Garreon's Wall with the Horde. When the Horde, numbering in the millions, overcame the Old Wall, thousands of soldiers gave their lives to defend a gap in Garreon's Wall while it was hastily blocked. This was the first battle of the yearly conflict that now occurs at Garreon's Wall.
Spellfade 11 1394 CY Battle at Wolf Mountain Dragonclaw Mountains

Iron Fang Clan / 4000 / 1000

Rival Clans / 4000 / 2000

The Iron Fang orc clan, led by Boshok, defeated several other clans. With this victory, he uniteed the orcish clans of the Dragonclaw Mountains.
Magereign 25

1396 CY

Battle of Caldore City of Caldore, Kingdom of Normidia

Orc Clans / 10,000 / 900

Caldore Militia and City Guards / 800 / 800

Leading an army of orcs, ogres, goblins and evil men, the great war lord Boshok marched against Normidia. Boshok's soldiers attacked and took control of the town of Caldore. During the battle, Boshok was gravely wounded. His sword arm was severed below the elbow. Boshok established a military command center in Caldore. From here he began sending out raiding parties against the rest of the kingdom. More humanoids came to the newly conquered Caldore to serve Boshok.
Magesway 17 1398 CY Battle of Caldore Vale City of Caldore, Kingdom of Normidia

Normidia / 22,000 / 6,000

Orc Clans / 11,500 / 8,000

After more than a year of skirmishes, raids and several major battles,  the united Normidian armies and militias clashed with the orcs for a final confrontation in what became known as the Battle of Caldore Vale. Boshok himself was killed in this battle along with many other great orcish warriors, the giant Undloras and the three orcish shamans who had forged the Iron Fist for Boshok. The Iron Fist itself was claimed by Garuneth, a human paladin in service to the King of Normidia.
Magerule 24 1776 CY Battle of Tarn's Knoll Kitar

Duthelm's Ogres / 12,000

Tarn's Knoll / 1800 / 1800

Duthelm, an ogre warlord who united the ogre clans, began attacking from the mountains. The attack on the town of Tarn's Knoll was the first battle in the Ogre Wars.
Windrise 23 1800 CY Siege of the Citadel Citadel

Duthelm's Ogres / 50,000

Citadel / 20,000 / 5,000

The ogre warlord Duthelm marched upon and laid siege against the Citadel.
Landthrive 18 1802 Citadel Defenses Breached Citadel

Duthelm's Ogres / 60,000 / 10,000

Citadel / 15,000 / 14,000

After a 19 month long siege, the ogres launched a massive attack agains the Citadel. After a fierce two day battle, the defenses were finally breached and the Citadel was overrun. Duthelm's army successfully captured the Citadel.
Forestblush 14 1877 CY Battle of Banold's Bluff Vorrik

Vorrik / 15,000 / 2,000

Cevalk's Orc Army / 10,000 / 6,000

After three years of Cevalk’s orcish army making raids against various Vorrikan towns and villages, this was the first major military response by Vorrik. The vorrik military made a major offensive and met the orcs in battle at Banold's Bluff. A fierce day long battle ended with the orcs retreating back to the mountains.
Icebreak 4 2209 CY The Servile Uprising Sybren Imperium

Rebels / 200,000? / 20,000?

Sybren Imperial Army / 300,000? / 50,000?

On this day, there was a great revolt of slaves, servants, renegades, private organizations, sympathizers and commoners. The revolt was against the ruling imperial government of the Sybren Imperium. As this revolt was preplanned and erupted in multiple cities and towns at once, it is difficult to estimate the scope of the conflict as it was not limited to a single battle. This incident precipitated almost 30 years of civil war.
Spellebb 20 2239 CY Battle of the Perundu Highlands Sybren Imperium

Sybren Imperial Army / 60,000 / 15,000

Rebel Army / 75,000 / 60,000

At the Battle of the Perundu Highlands, the starving and poorly equipped rebels met the Imperial Army on the battle field. The imperial soldiers were far superior in training and equipment and won a decisive victory. On this day, the rebellion was soundly crushed.
Chilldeath 21 2242 CY Battle of the Senate City of Brulan, Aukarian Republic

Lothiramar's Minions / 12,000 / 5,000

Brulan Militia and City Guard / 8,000 / 5,000

In a sweeping city battle involving thousands of city guards and soldiers, Lothiramar seized control of the Senate and the capital city of Brulan. This battle sparked a series of conflicts which ultimately left Lothiramar in control of the Aukarian Republic.
Spellebb 17 2247 CY Battle of Shaker Bay Lerobar Island, Chaddamar Theocracy

Lerobar Island / 5,000 / 1,000

Chaddamar Military / 1,800 / 1,400

A revolt on Lerobar Island in 2247 led to a full rebellion in which the people of Lerobar threw of the shackles of the Chaddamar Theocracy. At the bloody battle of Shaker Bay, the Church was taught a hard lesson. The people of Lerobar obtained their freedom and grudging respect from the Church.

Spellwane 4 2484 CY Battle of Brulan City of Brulan, Aukarian Republic

Rebels of the Republic / 10,000 / 4,000

Lorithimar and Minions / 7,000 / 5,000

The original Vejad Plenarum document was found and this discovery ignited the fires of rebellion. A great revolt exploded in the city of Brulan which led to a fierce three day battle. Eventually, Lothirimar was forced out of the city. He and his armies regrouped in the east of Aukaria. So began the great civil war of Aukaria.
Magerule 5 2488 Battle of the Burning Wood Near town of Calannon, Aukarian Republic

Aukarian Republic / 40,000 / 10,000

Lothirimar and minions / 25,000 / 23,000

After nearly four years of civil war, Lothirimar and his minions were defeated. The climactic battle occured near Calanon and became known as the Battle of the Burning Wood. Amidst a great conflagration in the Dwendaron Forest, the Sorcerer King Lothiramar and his minions were defeated.

Landthrive 28 2498 CY Battle of Ipotal City of Ipotal, Kingdom of Anquar

Dalmoran and minions / 2,700 / 700

Brulan City Militia / 1,800 / 1,200

Dalmoran murdered one of the other demigod kings and set off the "War of the Gods" in the Kingdom of Anquar.
Chilldeath 9 2503 CY Battle of the Issir Plains Issir Plans, Kingdom of Anquar

Dalmoran's Rebel Army / 10,000 / 2,500

Anquar Military / 12,000

A major battle between rival armies of the demigods. At the Battle of the Issir Plains, Dalmoran killed another of the demigod kings of Anquar.
Spellebb 18 2507 CY Battle of Gynfeld Forest Gynfeld Forest, Kingdom of Anquar

Dalmoran's Rebel Army/ 15,000 / 3,500

Anquar Military / 13,000 / 9,000

Death of another of the demigods of Anquar. This great battle was what prompted the mandalar migration in the Border Clans.
Icebreak 16 2514 CY The Hindol Massacre City of Ipotal, Kingdom of Anquar

Dalmoran and armies / 25,000 / 7,000

Anquar Military / 18,000 / 14,000

The last major battle of the civil war. This battle raged across the city of Ipotal for a full day and ended with the death of the last rival demigod. After this battle, Dalmoran ordered the execution of all the Sharmaud monks in Hindol Square. This became known as the Hindol Massacre.
Icebreak 3 2519 CY Battle of Kannor Town of Kannor, Kingdom of Anquar

Anquar / 4000 / 1000

City of Kannor / 1000 / 800

Although the civil war of Anquar ended with the Hindol Massacre, the city of Kannor refused to give up. Dalmoran sent an army to Kannor and a stalemate resulted in a seige. After four years, the seige finally ended when the city of Kannor was defeated. With this victory, King Dalmoran assumed control of the entire kingdom of Anquar.
Hearthseek 17 2564 CY Battle of Durdan Town of Durdan

Kitar / 3,000 / 2,700

Duthelm / 4,000 / 2000

The first major battle of the Demon War. Most scholars mark this as the official start of the war. Kitar suffers heavy losses at this battle.
Landthrive 3 2567 CY Siege of Myranor City of Myranor

Kitar and Rukemia / 15,000 / 10,000

Duthelm / 10,000 / 2,000

First Demon War - Led by Draxorith. United forces of several armies were necessary to repel the invading force. Six powerful spellcasters united to help repel Draxorith. These six later formed the Conclave of Freedom.
Icebreak 11 2570 CY Battle of the Banishing Conclave Fortress

Kitar and Rukemia / 50,000 / 15,000

Duthelm / 30,000 / 4,500

Draxorith Banished - Through a combined effort of the armies of Rukemia and Kitar, the mages of Carrikos, mercaneries from the War Vale, the Order of the Drake and a group of spellcasters called the Conclave of Freedom, the demon lord Draxorith was finally defeated and banished in the castle of the Conclave of Freedom where a magical trap had been set for the demon lord.
Icebreak 15 2570 CY Battle of Mount Kir Conclave Fortress

Kitar and Rukemia / 10,000 / 3,500

Duthelm / 20,000 / 11,000

Mere days later, Duthelm forces launched a second assault against the Conclave of Freedom in an attempt to free Draxorith, believing that he was not banished but merely imprisoned by magic.
Landthrive 11 2698 CY Battle of Hyttar Valley Hyttar Valley

Trossoli plus minions / 50,000? / 5,000?

Hyttar / 3,000,000? / 100,000?

The battle of Hyttar Valley was actually a series of battles fought in dozens of locations across several weeks. A number of trossoli lords came to the surface with their armies. Exact numbers are unknown, but their minions are estimated to be in the thousands. Although the hyttar had greater numbers, they were outmatched and easily defeated. Tens of thousands of Hyttar were killed. Hundreds of thousands were enslaved or fled the region. This series of battles resulted in the enslavement of an entire race and a vast shift in the socio-political structure of western Aggradar.
Windrise 19 2710 CY Battle of Atha Mound Atha Mound in the Border Clans region

Anquar /150 / 45

Padashan / 370 / 59

Small battle between Anquar and Padashan forces at a large Kithdari ruin known as Atha Mound. Although small, this battle is significant in that it resulted in the death of Yaduma, the only mandalar shaman. Yaduma's death sparked outrage among the mandalar and resulted in the unification of the Border Clans.


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