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Witch's Wrath

True Name Shebulyketh
Frequency Rare
Quantity 1
Locale Swamps and wetlands of Ithria.
Form Flower

Physical Description

This rare flower gets its name from its strong resemblance to a clawed hand cradling an orb. The petals are red and black. During the day, the fingers of the flower are curled and closed. At night, typically an hour after sunset, the hand opens and the orb glows red for an hour or more. Flowers in proximity to each other tend to open at the same time. The glow of this flower attracts a variety of night time pollinating insects.

Physical Properties

The central orb can be boiled to produce a brilliant red dye. This liquid has alchemical properties as well and is useful in the brewing of various potions and poisons, including Eye Scorch, Shadigrath’s Slow Death Serum and Wolf Blood Bane.

Geographic Distribution and Habitat

This flower is found in various swamps and wetlands in Ithria, but most especially the Stench Bog.




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