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True Name Justari
Frequency Very Rare
Quantity n/a
Locale Swamp, Forest
Form Shrub

Physical Description

Tanglevine, sometimes called tangle weed, appears as a long ropey green vine with numerous small black thorns and green leaves. These long ropey vines emerge from a central bulbous body that is found underground anchored with a dense root network. About twenty vines radiate outward from the central buried body and each is typically 10 meters long. The central underground body is roughly spherical and a meter in diameter.

Physical Properties

This terrifying plant exhibits borderline sentience. It seems to be able to detect prey by vibration (footsteps, etc) and will attempt to ensnare its victim by grabbling the victim's feet and legs with its vines. The vines will rapidly wrap around the target, entangling and constricting the victim. Dozens of thorns will pierce the flesh. The plant will then proceed to feed on the blood of the victim through the thorns. The ropey vines are strong and difficult to cut or burn. An adult might be able to fight off a single vine, but even strong soldiers have fallen victim to three or four vines that attack all at once. Once entangled, the vines will drain all blood and bodily fluids from the victim within one minute. There have been stories of soldiers wearing heavy armor which the thorns could not penetrate. However, these soldiers still died from dehydration because they could not escape the vines.

Geographic Distribution and Habitat

Tangle vine is found only in swamps and wetlands of southern Ithria, mainly in the Barakose Swamp and the Stench Bog.


Like sliver bushes, tanglevine is undoubtedly a type of biological weaponry that was created during the Great War. As tanglevine inhabits both major swamps in southern Ithria, scholars believe that this was a weapon created by the Traxx Legion. It is likely this was developed late in the war which would explain why tanglevines are so rare.

The central bulbous body is typically a meter underground and is well protected by both dirt and difficulty in finding it amongst the dense jungle underbrush. However, if someone manages to find and dig up the central body, they will find the body is covered in a leathery husk that can be pierce by stabbing weapons. If the central body is killed, all vines will instantly die and release their grip. However, attacking the central body typically causes multiple vines to converge on the attacker and defend the body.

When this plant reproduces, it spawns several large seeds that burrow through the ground, traveling dozens of miles over months before stopping and going through a cocoon process and forming a new tanglevine plant.


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