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Mist Tree

True Name Lirresen
Frequency Common
Quantity 1d100
Locale Swamp/Marsh
Form Tree

Physical Description

The mist tree is a tall tree with dark brown bark. The bark is unusually soft and damp. The leaves of this tree are pale green, almost white.

Physical Properties

The bark of the mist tree generates a thick white vapor at dusk and through the night which blocks visibility and all forms of thermal vision. This mist is cold and clammy. It will soak clothes and hair quickly.

If the bark of this tree is stripped and pressed, a clear gel or resin can be obtained. This resin is very useful to alchemists and herbalists. The former use it in many experiment and the latter seed the soil with the resin to help plants grow. The resin is also a primary ingredient in many potions and oils.

Geographic Distribution and Habitat

Mist trees can be found in swamps and wetlands throughout Ithria. There are several thousand mist trees at the heart of the Mist Forest, which causes a perpetual damp mist to hang in the air which gives the forest its name.


The grum have even tried using Lirresen resin in food preparation as a flavor additive. This has been mostly unsuccessful. If digested, the resin will produce mild stomach pains and digestive problems, in most people.

The xorians seem unaffected.


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