The World Of Khoras - Fauna and Flora - Flora

Trees and other plants found in swamps, marshes, bogs and other wetlands.

Name Form Description
Claw Tree Tree An ugly, but alchemically valuable, tree.

Cold Flame

Flower A swamp flower with a fiery heart.

Deathgrip Tree

Tree A swamp tree with a unique method of obtaining nourishment.
Gonjara Mushrooms Fungus A huge mushroom tree common to the Kalanos marshes and responsible for the atmosphere there.

Gripper Moss

Moss An insectivore with a unique method of capturing prey.

Mist Tree

Tree A northern tree that generates mist.

Sliver Bush

Bush A magically engineered weapon... a remnant from the ancient war.
Tanglevine Vine A semi-sentience plant that constricts and feeds on prey.
Witch's Wrath Flower Notable for its claw like appearance and night time glow.


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