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Cold Flame

True Name Yanthel
Frequency Rare
Quantity 1
Locale Swamp/Marsh
Form Flower

Physical Description

This beautiful flower grows tall and straight. The petals of the flower are mostly orange, with some yellow and white. The outer petals are very thin and flexible so that the flicker in the breeze. From a distance, the flower looks very much like the flames of a small torch or fire. Buried deep within the petals is a small crystal. The crystal is about an inch long and is usually emerald green. The Cold Flame is considered to be one of the most beautiful flowers on all of Khoras.

Physical Properties

The crystal can be pulled free from its house of petals. If the crystal is broken, two compounds, a liquid and a fine powder, inside the crystal mix and generate a great amount of heat. This chemical reaction lasts only a few seconds, but creates more than enough heat to start a roaring fire. If it is not handled carefully, an individual could ignite himself on fire.

Geographic Distribution and Habitat

Cold flame flowers grow in swamps and marshlands throughout the world.


Also known as the Flame of the Cold Marshes. This flower is often woven into tales of survival. More than one person lost in the northern swamps has been saved by a single Cold Flame.


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