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Claw Tree

True Name Furacus
Frequency Common
Quantity 1d8
Locale Eastern Aggradar forests and swamps
Form Tree

Physical Description

The claw tree is a hideously deformed mockery of vegetation. It is a large and twisted tree with trunk and branches that writh in tortured twists. The wrinkled bark is deformed by unsightly bulges that form under the skin of the tree. Overall, it looks like a tree corpse, rotting and diseased. The claw tree gets its name from the large, misshapen, gnarled five-fingered leaves that resemble claws. The tree is adorned with clusters of spiky growths from the trunk and branches.

Physical Properties

The spikes from this tree are a dense woody growth and, if cut over, make effective clubbing weapons. The end is very sharp and can be used as a stabbing weapon. 

The unsightly bulges beneath the bark are cysts that contain a valuable alchemical compound that alchemists and wizards can use in a variety of magical research and potion production. Once extracted and reduced, this compound appears as a thick grey liquid which goes by the street name "claw venom".

Geographic Distribution and Habitat

Claw trees grow in the forests and swamps of Eastern Aggradar. This tree is very common in the Kalanos Marshes.




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