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Glow Moss

True Name Luminel
Frequency Uncommon
Quantity 1d4
Locale Subterranean
Form Moss

Physical Description

This subterranean moss occurs naturally and is a common underground light source. True to its name, this moss glows continually with a faint light. It appears as a mass of tiny, tight tendrils that glow by bio-luminescence. It grows in large, dense patches on moist soil. It has a tendecy to grow near underground rivers and such. It feeds on nutrients in the soil and animal droppings and so forth. The moss itself is stiff and wiry.

Physical Properties

Beyond its bio-luminescence, it has no physical properties. Glow moss is not edible. It is highly resistant to fire and does not burn easily.

Magical Properties

None. However, glow moss is a useful alchemical ingredient and a component of several potions.

Geographic Distribution and Habitat

Glow moss is only found underground. It grows in cave systems, especially in moist soil with nutrient sources - running water, bat guano, etc.


The dwarves and other underground races cultivate glow moss and use it as a natural light source in strategic locations. However, if plucked from the ground, it will wither and die in about a day.


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