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Creeping Cave Blight

True Name Candaras
Frequency Uncommon
Quantity n/a
Locale Subterranean (sewers and cave entrances)
Form Algae

Physical Description

Creeping cave blight is a green algae that is easily recognized by its bright green color and distinct sickly sweet odor which is noticeable at a distance.

Physical Properties

Creeping cave blight is mildly poisonous. Consuming even a small amount will result in stomach cramps that last for up to a day.

Geographic Distribution and Habitat

Creeping cave blight is a green algae that grows in subterranean places where it has access to water and a little light. As such, it tends to grow around sewer gates, near cave entrances and similar places. While the greatest concentration of creeping cave blight will be clustered around a cave or sewer entrance, patches of it can be found dozens of meters into a sewer or cave. These patches found deeper underground are always connected by long tendrils to the patch near the entrance.

Creeping cave blight can be found on all three continents. It can also be found deep in dungeon complexes and cave systems if conditions are right.


The algae has a tendency to get caught in boots and the feet of animals. It is often tracked in and out of cave entrances, sewer entrances, etc. It is sometimes possible to track a creature to its cave (or perhaps a bandit to a sewer entrance) by following the tiniest smears of green of this algae in their tracks.

Creeping cave blight has found a use as an ingested poison when the goal is to incapacitate, rather than kill, the intended victim. It has also be discovered that creeping cave blight has useful alchemical properties and is an ingredient in some potions.


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