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Wolf's Blood

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Flowering Herb

Physical Description

Wolf's Blood is a deep orange flower thatgrows in thick clusters that blanket the ground where it is exposed to sunlight. As such, it can be spotted at great distances as a small streak or patch of orange in a mountain side in the distance. Each wolf's blood flower has nine large petals that are covered in a deep orange dust which rubs off easily.

Physical Properties

The powdery dust from the petals of the Wolf's Blood flower can be boiled to make an excellent red-orange dye. Depending on the concentration of dust to water, the dye can be made to range anywhere from deep red to light orange yellow. Wool, cotton and fur all take the dye readily and will stain permanently. Some people, particularly dwarves, are allergic to wolf's blood dye and will suffer sneezing fits from it. About 1 in 20 people are allergic to it (about 1 in 5 for dwarves).

Geographic Distribution and Habitat

Wolf's Blood grows throughout the mountainous regions of Qeshir. It covers the ground between rocks in low altitude mountains, typically between 400 and 1,000 meters.


Wolf's Blood is a common dye used throughout Qeshir for a range of items.


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