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Azure Blessing

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Physical Description

It appears as, and is often mistaken for, a shadowy nook. However, it is easily spotted in direct sunlight. In some areas, whole rock faces and cliffs will appear painted blue. Azure blessing is extremely soft and moist.

Physical Properties

If this lichen is digested, it will greatly accelerate the healing process in an animal for about six hours. However, eating too much (more than four doses in a single day) will cause dizziness and headaches. Once collected, azure blessing loses its healing properties within three days and spoils in a week.

Eating excessive amounts causes nausea and headaches. Some herbalists that have studied this lichen and its use in mountain dwelling cultures have discovered a disturbing truth - if used too often, the body will become dependent on it and gradually lose its own natural healing ability.

Geographic Distribution and Habitat

This dark blue lichen clings to the rocky faces of mountain slopes at high altitudes 2,400 meters (8,000 feet) and higher. It is found in mountains throughout Ithria.


Many mountain dwelling animals instinctively eat this lichen when they are injured.


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