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True Name Myrexil
Frequency Very Rare
Quantity n/a
Locale Swamp/Marsh
Form Tree

Physical Description

This tree is a large, thick tree with twisted limbs and rough grey bark which is very hard and knobby. It's wood is also very heavy. It has large three lobed leaves which are green on one side and a bluish green on the other.

Physical Properties

The wood of this tree is one of the best types of wood for fires. It lights easily and burns for a very long time. This is most likely due to its density.

Magical Properties

The misenchanter is known to wizards and alchemists because the tree generates a strong anti-magic field around it. Spells of all types will go awry when a misenchanter is near. Some spellcasters who have had their spells disrupted in the murky depths of a swamp due to a misenchanter are loath to enter a swamp ever again on the chance that a misenchanter might be there. The closer a spell is cast to a misenchanter, the worse the outcome. The misenchanter is able to effect spells as far away as several hundred paces. This range varies greatly depending upon the age and health of the tree. Magic items are also affected.

Geographic Distribution and Habitat

Misenchanter trees grow in swamps, bogs and wetlands throughout Ithria. There have been a few rare specimens found in forests as well. For instance, the Mist Forest is suspected to have several misenchanters in it.


There are many scholars who firmly believe that this tree did not evolve naturally. Because of its unusual magical properties, there is a strong belief that this was some form of magical weapon devised during the Great War, possibly an unfinished weapon or an arcane experiment that got released into the wild. In any case, this unusual tree is exceedingly rare.


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