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Illfate Orchid

True Name Braksiss
Frequency Very Rare
Quantity 1
Locale Mixed Forest
Form Flower

Physical Description

This beautiful flower is shaped like a normal orchid except that it is fairly large (about 6") and a vibrant blue outer petals, burgundy inner petals and dark purple center. It is strongly aromatic with a scent most find very pleasant.

Physical Properties


Magical Properties

The flower has a tiny amount of residual magic about it and this faint aura of energy is detectable by those spells and items which can perceive the presence of magic. The flower does, in fact, generate a faint field of energy which can adversely affect the mind. The field is weak and the effect is subtle, but it is noticeable. Different people are affected in different ways. Some become forgetful, others become irritable, others confused or clumsy.

Illfate orchids tend to grow in small groups and the faint aura of each flower combines with that of the others. A dozen of these flowers will have a much more profound effect than a single orchid alone.

Illfate orchids are useful spell components in a number of potions and in magical research, especially spells that affect the mind. Because of this, wizards highly prize illfate orchids.

Geographic Distribution and Habitat

Illfate Orchids are found in forests throughout Ithria.


Scholars aren't sure whether this flower naturally evolved the energy field as some type of defense mechanism or if it may be a byproduct of magical experimentation from the Great War. In any case, this flower has a reputation for being unlucky. Over the centuries, its effects have spawned all manner of stories and fables and old wives tales.

An illfate orchid that is picked and carried is considered especially unfortunate. There is a superstitious belief that a person carrying the flower is essentially cursed and all manner of bad luck and strange happenings will follow the transgressor. Most simple folk will avoid the flower. A persistent belief is that the only way to avoid bad luck is to burn the flower and bury the ashes on holy ground. This practice tends to make an already rare flower even more rare.

Because of the value of the flower in alchemy and other magical research, some wizards attempt to grow the illfate orchid in gardens and such. However, the plant is notoriously difficult to raise and often dies whereas wild specimens thrive in the forest.


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