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This category includes plants, flowers and other forms of vegetation that are magical in origin. Some are created through magical experimentation by sorcerers. Others are bizarre side effects from the Drellis Effect. There are many plants which are suspected to have been originally created as biological weapons during the Great War. However, for the most part, most of them have integrated themselves into various ecological niches and become part of the landscape. Without conclusive evidence, most of them are listed in other flora categories. The exact classification of such plants is a subject for debate by herbalists and scholars. The flora listed below is, due to their unique nature, quite clearly magical in origin.

Name Locale Form Description

Crystal Rose

Deciduous Forest Flower A rare beauty with a valuable alchemical property.

Illfate Orchid

Mixed Forest Flower A "cursed" flower... likely an engineered artifact from the Great War.


Swamp/Marsh Tree Another artifact from the war, a tree that warps magic.


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