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True Name Upine
Frequency Common
Quantity 1d4
Locale Jungle and tropical regions, Fire Isles
Form Tree

Physical Description

The upine tree appears as a tall, narrow tree with no branches except for a thick cluster of large fronds and round husk-shelled fruit near the top. Each tree stands about 18 meters tall (60 feet).

Physical Properties

The tree provides food, fuel and building materials to the eshtari. It is hugely important to their culture. The eshtari climb upin trees with special rope harnesses. The sap, fruit, huge fronds, bark, wood, and roots. Every part of the tree is used. The wood of the upine tree is strong and flexible and is used to build eshtari homes and fishing boats. The small flowers found among the fronds at the top of the upine tree can be made into a perfume. The roots, boiled, make a pain killing tea.

The upine tree bears a fruit which is covered in a hard round shell. The shell is black and covered in wiry hair. The moist inner yellow meat is sweet and refreshing. After eating the juicy outer flesh of the upine fruit, the hard woody core is buried for six months. Once it sprouts, some are allowed to grow while other are dug up as food. The cores are roasted and eaten. The sprouts are boiled and eaten.

Geographic Distribution and Habitat

These trees grow by the thousands in the land of Eshtar. Whole forests of them cluster along the sandy beaches there. The upine tree also grows in the Fire Isles, Magrakor, Vaul and eastern Qeshir. But it is most abundant in Eshtar.




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