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True Name Kryturi
Frequency Common
Quantity 1d10
Locale Jungles and rainforests of Aggradar
Form Herb

Physical Description

Sweetspice looks like a very thick cluster of long, dark green grass blades. The blades are very wide and about a meter long.

Physical Properties

Sweetspice is named for the deliciously sweet scent it gives off when it is burned. It is a favorite among pipe smokers. For most races, this is only a mild depressant. However, for Karthasians, sweetspice is a powerful drug. If eaten or smoked by that insectoid race, the Karthasian will enter a catatonic state of euphoria. This dream state will last for several hours. Sweetspice is mildly addictive.

Geographic Distribution and Habitat

Sweetspice is found throughout the southern rainforests and jungles of Aggradar. It ranges from Magrakor to Sarid.


It is enjoyed by smokers of all races throughout Aggradar and is commonly exported. It can be found in markets and shops in all continents.


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