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Shadow Orchid

True Name Tarl
Frequency Very Rare
Quantity 1
Locale Rain Forest
Form Flower

Physical Description

The dreaded shadow orchid appears as a large blue and purple flower whose petals are edged with black. The stem is also black. The flower is shaped like a slightly triangular rose with the one side down. It gaps open like a mouth. Cradled within the center of petals is a fleshy core which resembles a berry or some other fruit. It is spherical and purple with blue swirls. Overall, this flower and its cradled treasure are quite beautiful. The scent of this flower is strong and sweet.

Physical Properties

The scent of this flower is powerful and affects the brain of many animals like a drug. If the scent is inhaled, it creates in the creature a craving for the scent and flavor. The creature will be strongly inclined to eat the core. In this instance, instinct works against animals because the scent stimulates "instinct".

If the core is eaten or if the spores of this flower are deeply inhaled, a startling chain of events is set in motion. A "poison" will spread quickly through the organism which will alter the cellular structure of the creature and rewrite its DNA. This effect is known as the shadow curse.. Immediately, the creature will begin to feel physically ill. Psychologically, the victim will become irritable, depressed, angry, excitable and violent, shunning contact with others. Other symptoms will include fever, incoherency and hallucinations which will worsen with time. In a matter of hours, the victim will begin to metamorphosis. This change takes between 7-12 days and will alter the victim completely, changing him into what most cultures now call a shadow wraith.

Geographic Distribution and Habitat

The exceptionally rare shadow orchid grows only in the deepest rainforests and jungles in southwestern Ithria, far from civilization. Specimens have been found in Karth, Myria and throughout the Myrian peninsula.


It is widely believed amongh scholars that the shadow orchid is either a biological weapon from the Great War or the result of some wizard's magical experimentation. It's true origins remain a mystery.

Tolerance: It is not possible to build up a tolerance to shadow orchid extract. Those who have attempted it have all ended up infected..


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