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Quaking Herb

True Name Kivodal
Frequency Very Rare
Quantity 1d4
Locale Tropical Forest
Form Herb

Physical Description

Quaking herb is the common name of the kivodal plant. It is a small green shrub that exhibits a distinctive spider web pattern of light green veins on dark green spade shaped leaves.

Physical Properties

The berries of this plant have a foul smelling juice. If this juice is allowed to ferment, it will form into a thick white paste. This potent substance causes physical ecstasy in small doses. When taken, a wave of sexual, mental and emotional pleasure will wash over the user. This response is so overpowering it will paralyze the user in ecstatic bliss. The user will immediately fall to the ground in spasms. They will be completely unable to do anything but quiver in pleasure. The necessary dosage to produce this effect is very small. It is very easy to overdose and the amount taken must be carefully monitored. An overdose is almost always fatal. Kivodal is extremely addictive. 

The preparation of the paste is difficult and the fermentation process, which takes seven weeks, must be carefully monitored. If the fermentation goes awry, the paste produced is lethal.

Geographic Distribution and Habitat

This plant is rare and is found only in the Fire Isles.


Kivodal is the name often applied to the paste which is distilled from the berries. The natives of the Fire Islands use the paste in religious orgies. It is also used by some cultures in Aggradar and Qeshir. It is much more rare in Ithria.


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