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Panaba Bush

True Name Panabriala
Frequency Common (eastern Qeshir/Wester Aggradar)
Rare (western Qeshir/eastern Aggradar)
Very Rare in Ithria
Quantity 1-20
Locale Tropical Jungle, Subtropical Forest
Form Bush

Physical Description

The panaba bush is a short, stocky thick limbed plant growing about one meter tall. It has broad blue-green spade shaped leaves and twisted knotted bark. Each spring it blossomed with white petaled flowers surrounded by clusters of light green tendrils. The seed pods of this plant are broad pods, each containing 5-10 seeds.

Panaba beans are the large plant seeds of the panaba bush. They are dark, smooth skinned seeds that turn purple when cooked. They have lavender colored fleshy meat.

Physical Properties

The only notable properties of this bush are its seeds. Panaba beans are very sweet and mushy, especially when cooked. They can be used to sweeten beverages, desserts, breads and all many of culinary dishes. They are eaten raw by the aswani and cooked panaba beans are used to sweeten many dishes in the lands of Aggradar.

Geographic Distribution and Habitat

The Panaba bush is common in the Sybren Imperium, Magrakor, the Aswanar Wildlands and the Aukarian Republic. They are less common in the Padashan Empire and the Chaddamar Theocracy and in those two nations, panaba beans are something of a delicacy. In Ithria, panaba beans are a rarity, being imported from distant lands, and will fetch a high price.




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