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Jungle Pipe

True Name Lequerin
Frequency Uncommon
Quantity 1
Locale Jungles of Qeshir and Fire Isles
Form Flower

Physical Description

This odd flower is shaped like a long cone stuck in the ground with a green and white flower sticking out the top. The cone is light brown with a banded colored. The flower consists of a soft cluster of many thin white "hairs" surrounded by four large green leaves.

Physical Properties

Within the cone section is an oily black liquid which is extremely toxic. This poison affects most animals. The liquid is contact poison and so can affect an animal by contact with any exposed flesh or body orifice. It absorbs through skin rapidly and stops the heart within a minute. It is almost always lethal. The liquid has little smell and only a faint metallic taste. This poison can be applied to weapons or slipped into food or drink.

Geographic Distribution and Habitat

Jungle pipe can be found in the Darijun Jungle, the Aswanar Wildlands and the Fire Isles.


Because the poison has very little smell or taste, it makes an excellent tool for assassination. Harvesting it is very dangerous, but fresh pipe poison is quite valuable on the black market to assassins. Once removed from the plant, pipe poison gradually loses its lethality. After three months, it will be about half strength. It will be completely inert after six months. This degradation occurs regardless of storage conditions.

Tolerance: It is possible to build up a tolerance to jungle pipe, but it's very dangerous and typically takes over a year. A single diluted drop of pipe poison is applied to the skin, one per week. With each treatment, the user falls sick for a full day. Some people die from this illness early on. Week after week, the poison is diluted less and less. This, of course, must be balanced against the gradual fading lethality of a bottle of this poison. Generally speaking, as treatments continue, the subject can tolerate more and the bouts of illness become less severe. After about a year, the subject can tolerate multiple drops at full strength of fresh pipe poison without illness.


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