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True Name Vuert
Frequency Common
Quantity 1d4
Locale Eastern Qeshir jungles
Form Vine

Physical Description

This bothersome growth is a vine that often exceeds 10 meters in length and has a diameter of about 10 centimeters. It is fibrous, oily and brown/green in color. Many smaller tendrils shoot off the main vine.

Physical Properties

The oily resin from this vine is a mild contact toxin. If resin comes into contact with skin, the person or animal will suffer severe itching and mild muscle spasms. Creatures with thick hide, fur or feathers are usually not unaffected. The severity of the itching generally corresponds to the amount of skin affected and typically lasts an hour or two.

Geographic Distribution and Habitat

Itchvine is common in the eastern jungles and rainforests of Qeshir. It ranges throughout the Darijun Jungle, the Aswanar Wildlands and the Fire Isles.


With herbalism skill and care, the resin can be collected from the itchvine and stored. It appears as a dark greasy oil. It can be applied to a weapon or used as a poison. It gradually loses its effectiveness over several days. The alakubu tribes of the Fire Isles use it in rituals and in various tests of manhood.

Tolerance: It is possible to build up a tolerance to itchvine resin and it can be done rather quickly. With 8-12 weeks of daily treatment, complete immunity can be achieved.


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