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Plants of jungles and rainforests.

Name Form Description
Chonta Fungus A potent hallucenogenic mushroom eaten during religious ceremonies on the Fire Isles.

Death Blossom

Flower A very poisonous jungle flower.
Firelace Vine A jungle vine with edible flowers and leaves.


Vine A vine which secrets an irritant.

Jungle Pipe

Flower A jungle flower from which a potent toxin can be distilled.
Mallosh Grass A commonly used psychoactive drug.

Meal Nut

Tree A nutritious nut that can keep a starving man alive.
Pujara Vine A strong "hot" spice. Most powerful spice in the world.
Quaking Herb Bush A small shrub with berries that can produce an addictive drug.

Rain gem

Flower A jungle flower that blooms after a rain.
Sabre Bush Bush A thick tangled knot of thorny vines that can be used as a garden wall.

Shadow Orchid

Flower A dreaded relic from the War. A flower that redefines "poison".
Soth Weed Flower A flower whose pollen produces the most terrible poison.

Sweet Spice

Herb A jungle herb and sweet tobacco.

Tara Root

Root The only non magical cure for the Stiffening.


Vine A thick, spiked vine grown during the War.
Upine Tree A hugely important tree to the Eshtar. Valued for food and luber.
Wakaya Tree A useful tree with healing properties and edible fruit from the Aswanar Wildlands.


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