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True Name Braktish
Frequency Rare
Quantity n/a
Locale Jungle/Rainforest
Form Vine

Physical Description

Long stringy green vines with small green leaves and hundreds of tiny bright orange flowers along its length. Notable for its brilliant fiery orange color. Seven tendrils of the vine sprout from a central plant that has a bulb and seven large leaves. The base leaves are broad, smooth green and have a waxy skin.

Physical Properties

Has a pleasing flavor and can be used to flavor food, sauces and can be made into a tea.

Geographic Distribution and Habitat

Firelace is common in Vaul and Sarid. Specifically, it grows in the Mael Ix Drablin forest, the Elarum Woods and the Sitharek Rainforest.


The vaullians make braktish tea while the Saridians grind firelace up and use it as a pungent spice for many dishes.


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