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Death Blossom

True Name Drextar
Frequency Rare
Quantity 1
Locale Rainforests of Aggradar
Form Flower

Physical Description

The Death Blossom is a large flower, about 12" diameter, which resembles a broad, squat rose. It’s petals vary in color : red in the center growing gradually darker toward burgundy for the mid petals and black at the outer petals. The petals of this flower have a slightly metallic sheen.

Physical Properties

The death blossom flower has achieved an almost mythical status because of the highly toxic powder which coats the petal. This rare flower is so poisonous that even its scent can kill. A good sniff of this flower will cause a person to collapse to the ground in convulsions as their body is wracked by muscular spasms. In less than a minute, the diaphram is paralyzed and the victim asphyxiates. Merely being in close proximity to this flower for more than a few seconds can result in sufficient inhalation of the scent to be lethal. It is possible to harvest the red powder from a death blossom flower and store it. This powder can be used as a lethal poison. It is lethal if ingested, touched or inhaled. The powder can be mixed into food or drink and becomes an ingested poison. It can be mixed with wax to produce a candle that emits a lethal scent. It can be mixed with oil and used to coat a blade. Death blossom powder remains lethal for about one month, but then rapidly loses its toxicity.

Geographic Distribution and Habitat

The mythical death blossom is found in the rainforests of southeastern Aggradar. It can be found in the Mael Ix Drablin forest, the Elarum Woods and the Sitharek Rainforest.


Harvesting the powder from a death blossom is extremely dangerous. Because of this, death blossom poison is very expensive and hard to come by.

Tolerance: Some alchemists believe that it might be possible to develop an immunity to death blossom powder through repeated low dosage exposure. However, so far, everyone who has attempted this has died.


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