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Wind Dancer

True Name Terex
Frequency Uncommon
Quantity n/a
Locale Temperate Grassland
Form Tree

Physical Description

The terex tree, or Wind Dancer, is a tall, gracefully built tree. Its branches sweep upwards as if reaching toward the sky. The leaves are dark green on one side and pale green on the other. The smooth bark is grey. Wind Dancers are named so because of their strong, flexible woods. Terex trees grow out in the open and bend and sway greatly in the wind. They almost seem to dance. The flickering of the leaves (alternating back and forth between showing their green and white sides) only adds to the illusion.

Physical Properties

Because it is so strong and flexible, terex wood is excellent for use in bows. Any bow fashioned completely from terex wood weighs half as much as normal and is resistant to damage. Terex wood can be crafted to make extremely strong bows.

Geographic Distribution and Habitat

The wind dancer tree grows in small groups on hill tops and open prairies across Ithria.




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