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True Name Trill
Frequency Common
Quantity 20-70
Locale Temperate Grasslands
Form Flower

Physical Description

This tiny flower is orange and shaped like a bell. Inside is a small yellow growth which resembles a bell’s clappers. The flower stands about 10 inches tall and has a green stem with small tear drop shaped green leaves.

Physical Properties

This flower has unusually high levels of metallic traces in its molecular structure. The cup and clapper of this flower are made of a wood/metal fusion similar to the Razor Rose. In a breeze, the flower will create a faint tinkling sound, like a very small bell. Because the flower grows in large numbers, they will all sound their ringing together. Several dozen of these creates a pleasant background sound for a picnic.

Geographic Distribution and Habitat

Windbells grown in meadows and prairies across much of Ithria, ranging from the the Drakkellian Alliance to the Rukemian Empire.


Because of its obvious similarities to the razor rose, herbalists believe it may be related to that flower. However, studies continue to be centered around the razor rose because of its harder fibers.


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