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Virgin Herb

True Name Zagenta
Frequency Uncommon
Quantity 1d4
Locale Western Grasslands
Form Herb

Physical Description

Zagenta is a large plant often reaching four feet in height or more. It appears as a number of tightly packed fleshy stems, each 5 to 30 centimeters in diameter. The leaves of this herb are large and spade shaped. This herb does bear fruit, small white berries, but these are alchemically worthless.

Physical Properties

The treasure of this herb is within the stems. If the stems are cut down and stripped apart, one will find small growths within the fibers. These growths are dark blue and are about the size of berries. They can be removed from the stems, dried in the open sun and ground into a fine powder. If this powder is mixed with water and consumed, it will terminate any pregnancy in the organism. This effect works only an mammals that bear their young live.

Geographic Distribution and Habitat

Virgin herb grows in the western grasslands of Ithria, ranging from Talis to the Drakkellian Alliance.


This herb is often in great demand and occasionally claims exorbitant prices. Several religions have declared that this herb and its use are "unholy" and "immoral". Some have tried to outlaw it and work against those who make it available. Some nations have outlawed this herb. However, the demand for this herb is great enough that it can probably be obtained illegally anywhere.


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